Super quick breakfast idea: Avo and tomato on toast with hash browns

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You know those mornings where you wake up ravenous, and just want to fill your stomach with a whole of lot of greasy, carby deliciousness?

Well on those sort of mornings, this is what I go for – it’s super quick and perfect if you’re on a budget or pressed for time.

Avocado and tomato

I used one avocado and one tomato, cutting them into thin pieces and layering them onto two pieces of multi-grain toast. Then I sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper too.


I used your average, everyday multi-grain bread that you can find at a supermarket (most supermarket bread is accidentally vegan anyway but you can always double-check to make sure there’s no milk or egg in it). I then toasted it, then buttered it with generous amounts of Nuttelex.


Again, just your average frozen hash browns from the supermarket (I think these ones were from ALDI). Like supermarket bread, most frozen potato-based food is vegan as the main ingredients are some sort of vegetable oil, salt, and potato. Feel free to double-check just in case though. I fried two hash browns in a some coconut oil until both were evenly brown on both sides.

Hot chocolate

After eating every delicious crumb of my breakfast fare, I washed it down with some almond milk hot chocolate. I warmed one cup of almond milk in a saucepan, then fluffed it up with this manual milk-frother thing that my Aunty from Italy brought us. It looks a bit like a plunger where you pour the milk in and then you ‘pump’ the lid (which has a mesh) up and down until the milk is frothy. Once this was done, I poured the milk into a mug with two teaspoons organic cacao powder, one teaspoon coconut sugar, and little bit of cinnamon for flavour.

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