Neutral tones for a casual day at the markets

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A sunny day out and about at the Footscray Markets – what do I wear?

My go-to casual outfit lately has focused on a simple, minimalist style. I’m really liking neutral and muted colours, and keeping items of clothing to a minimum.

On this particular day, I opted for a grey stretchy knit maxi dress with a beige cream cropped sweater (both made from synthetic, non-animal-derived materials). I teamed it with brown sandals and a versatile tan tote bag – the ISABELLA tote by Scarlett Vegan Bags – which was big enough to fit my essentials (wallet, keys, phone) along with a water bottle, a book to read, and extra space for my buys from the market later that day.

I had the cropped sweater on earlier that day when it was slightly fresh, but later (after a warming green tea in a KeepCup) I had it tied around my waist, though another option was to tie it around my shoulders for variation.

The necklace I’m wearing was borrowed from my sister, and is a small jade pendant hanging off a simple metal chain.

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Photography by Michael Blamey

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