Throw caution to the wind

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Anyone from Melbourne will understand what I mean when I say “what is going on with the weather?”. Melbourne is notorious for its 4 seasons in a day, but the past week has been pushing the limits for most of us. Epic winds, temperature drops, hale, storms, rain, then a complete 360 with sunshine and calm, then back to mayhem again!

For this shoot, we were lucky enough to get some decent sun, though the winds were relentless! Most of the images featured my hair blowing across my face, or me pulling a funny expression as I try to stand straight without toppling over.

Despite the weather shenanigans, the shoot overall was quite successful, and I had heaps of fun wearing the ever so elegant Zinnia dress by Review Australia through the quaint side streets of St Kilda. I loved the retro-feel of the shift dress style, as well the the geometric Guipure lace pattern, which added a touch of feminine chic. I could definitely see myself wearing the dress for a cocktail party, or even for an office environment with a plain black blazer. Very versatile yet stylish!

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Photography by Michael Blamey, art direction and styling by Rebecca Hughes.

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