Green juice and the benefits of aloe vera



So this morning I decided to have a green juice. I’m not really a fan of vegetable juices; because of my sweet tooth I usually opt fruit smoothies.

However during my retreat in Noosa, I learnt a lot about the link between the gut and mental health (Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book talks about Gut And Psychology Syndrome, or GAPS, where you can read up on it).

Healing the gut goes a long way to helping the mind and the body’s well-being in general, and one of the ways in doing that is providing the body with nutritious and alkalizing foods.

Drinking a green-juice full of alkalizing veggies once a day is a good way to accomplish this.

So this morning I went with what I had in the fridge (my ideal concoction would have included avocado, kiwi fruit, celery and ginger too):

  • Kale
  • Baby chard leaves
  • Red cabbage
  • Baby red beet leaves
  • Rocket
  • Carrot
  • Lemon juice
  • Aloe vera juice

Why aloe vera juice?

Along with adding more nutritionally dense and alkalizing foods into your diet, another factor in healing the gut involves providing a protective and soothing element to help mend the gut lining that regular eating habits have threatened – such as eating processed foods, high amounts of sugar, and non-organic fresh foods that are laden with chemicals and preservatives.

What I have started taking is Slippery Elm bark and Aloe Vera juice. Slippery Elm has been used for centuries as a way to soothe ailments in the body. On contact with water, slippery elm powder becomes mucilaginous (slimey, gel-like) in texture which accounts for the majority of its medicinal properties. It is known to soothe mucous membranes, including those of the digestive tract, urinary and respiratory tract and also soothes the skin on contact.

Aloe Vera juice provides a kick to this healing process by:

  • Detoxifying
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Aids digestion
  • Provides a multitude of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps to soothe inflamation

It has also been known to help promote healthy hair growth and rejuvenate the skin by enhancing collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How to add aloe vera juice into your everyday diet?

Aloe vera juice has a faint citrus-like taste, so you can add it to:

  • Water – add 50ml to your water bottle and sip on it throughout the day at work or when you’re exercising
  • Juices – some cranberry juice for detoxing the kidneys, or you can add some into your morning orange juice, or you can try a green juice!
  • Smoothies – a berry smoothie, or any sort of citrus-based smoothie would suit

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Peanut satay tempeh, and why gotu kola is good for you




I’ve been wanting to post this for a while, but it ended up being shuffled away into my many files on the laptop and I unintentionally forgot about. Until now!

Here is one very delicious dish made by my most talented mum – homemade peanut satay tempeh.

The sauce is a variation of the beautiful Colleen Patrick-Goudreau‘s ‘Tropical Tempeh’ sauce from her book, Vegan’s Daily Companionand consists of sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, red chilli flakes, onions, capsicum, garlic, vegetable stock, cornstarch, peanuts and a little bit of peanut butter as well.

Mum then added some steamed tempeh and broccoli to the sauce, and then served it on a hot bed of jasmine rice with some lime wedges and a sprinkling of chopped gotu kola (straight from the garden).

If you haven’t tried gotu kola before, it’s definitely something to start adding to your diet as it’s healthy and tastes refreshing!

What is gotu kola?

Also known as the Asiatic pennywort or Indian pennywort, gotu kola is a small, herbaceous, annual plant native to Asia (though it seems to love growing in our surburban Melbourne backyard in Australia just as much). It has been used as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional African medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

The health benefits of gotu kola

  • Anti-aging properties – it stimulates collagen production, which increases the strength of the dermis and leads to increased keratinisation (healing) of the epidermis of the skin
  • Stimulates blood vessel growth into connective tissue
  • Increases antioxidant and collagen concentration in wounds and stimulate wound healing
  • Enhances production of mucin, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate, all required for connective tissue, skin, hair, nail and joint repair and growth
  • Exhibits anti-anxiety activity and enhances mental function
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory

More information:

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My boyfriend does my makeup


I’ve finally uploaded my new YouTube video!

I decided to make this one a little lighthearted, since my last one was a bit more somber I guess.

Here a few firsts for this video:
1. You see what I look like without makeup (yuck)
2. You meet my boyfriend!
3. You see me be transformed into a Homer Simpson makeup-gun target/Princess Ron Swanson hybrid

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Could a yoga nidra a day keep the doctor away?


A special guest post by my dear friend Emma, who is also a qualified yoga instructor and runs specialised classes that focus on relaxation, stress-reduction and overall mental wellness through yoga.


Yoga nidra: what is it?

Yoga nidra is a method of inducing physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  Nidra means ‘sleep’

How is it done?

By sitting or lying in a warm comfortable place and listening to a recording which will guide you through the process with simple techniques.

Physically it looks like not much is going on, but on the inside magical things are happening.

Less is more… really, it’s true! 

What might the results be?

  • Better energy levels
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Increased concentration and memory
  • Better problem-solving abilities
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Stabilised emotions— reduced anger, crying, anxiety, frustration
  • Less headaches and pain 

What is happening in the body?

In yoga nidra all the physiological processes in the body slow down.  As the breath slows down, this signals to the autonomic nervous system to go into ‘para-sympathetic mode’.

When the breath is deeper and slower the heart rate decreases and the cardiovascular system doesn’t have to work as hard to get blood around the body.  The blood being delivered around the body is oxygen-rich, so the muscles of the body can relax.

As our body and mind relaxes, our emotions begin to stabilise.  Yoga nidra quietens the mind, taking our brainwaves from beta (busy) to alpha waves (slow).

With increased flow in the body both physically and mentally there is room for energy to flow freely.  With fewer blockages this energy can provide us with the nourishment we require to go into the world more vibrant.

With regular yoga nidra practice it’s possible to enter this state more and more easily in everyday life.  We can begin to think more clearly and build on our ability to respond appropriately in each moment.

Want to try yoga nidra for free?

‘Like’ quietspaceyoga‘s Facebook page and stay tuned for a free yoga nidra recording.

Emma Robinson is founder of Quiet Space Yoga, based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

S.W. Basics Hibiscus mask and organic cleanser review



“The simplest things are often the truest.” – Richard Bach


There’s nothing I love more than simplicty, and S.W. Basics is a true example of that.

I only recently found out about the company, and after a bit of research it seems to tick all my boxes in what makes a great skincare brand:

    • they use the simplest possible blends
    • ingredients are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small family farms
    • they go by the belief that fewer ingredients = less chance for irritation, higher potency, and a smaller overall ecological impact
    • almost all their products are vegan (except for their beeswax lip balms, they do provide a range of vegan lip balms however)
    • they do not test on animals

In this post I talk about two of their popular products – their Hibiscus Face Mask and Organic Cleanser (if you live in Australia you can get them from Miss Pearl).

Hibiscus Face Mask

This mask contains just three ingredients – hibiscus, French green clay, and lavender – but they certainly pack a punch.

Hibiscus has been renowned for its skin and beauty benefits:

  • increases skin elasticity
  • inhibits the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s elastin,
  • evens skin tone due to the slightly exfoliating effect of the organic acids found in the plant, including citric acid and malic acid
  • rich in a type of antioxidants called anthocyanocides, which protect against free radical damage and have slightly astringent properties
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • purifies the complexion by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover (great for acne!)
  • gives an intense moisture boost due to its naturally high mucilage content,

The French green clay also adds to the beauty benefits of this mask:

  • penetrates the pores, removing toxins, impurities and excess oils and serums out of the cells
  • helps to stimulate the blood vessels below the surface of the skin
  • highly recommended for people who suffer from oily skin, as its absorbent properties help remove and drain impurities and superficial effects of pollution from the skin
  • Note: do not use metal utensils when using French green clay as it causes a reaction with the clay that alters the composition

Lastly, the organic lavender powder provides an extra boost of goodness to the skin:

  • antiseptic and anti-fungal which helps to reduce scarring and speeds healing
  • anti-inflammatory and circulatory stimulant
  • helps in fighting acne breakouts and infections
  • helps with redness and blotchiness of the complexion

My verdict:

This mask is perfect for keeping those breakouts at bay; I used it close to my time-of-the-month, and found that it really helped control the oil and the amount of spots that cropped up. Usually my skin gets quite greasy and dull, and a lot of pimples appear near my jawline. After using the mask I found that my skin looked a lot brighter and fresher, and there were fewer pimples popping up than usual – the pimples that did appear didn’t stay for long! Overall, it really helped to revamp my skin when it needed a boost.

Organic cleanser

This versatile cleanser has also gone by the rule of three and features only the following ingredients: organic rosewater, organic vegetable glycerin and organic tea tree oil.

Rosewater is a winner for skin as it:

  • helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance
  • helps fight acne, dermatitis and eczema
  • helps to hydrate, revitalize, moisturize, and smooth out the skin
  • helps to heal scars, cuts and wounds
  • helps tone the skin
  • offers anti-bacterial properties
  • has antioxidant properties that help to strengthen skin cells along with regenerating skin tissues

Vegetable glycerin is a great plant-based moisturiser and also:

  • acts as a natural humectant
  • when used with other natural oils and ingredients, it can seal in moisture on the top layer of our skin while the other oils work their way deep into our cells to provide long-lasting moisture
  • isn’t an additive that has no value (like some other sugars); it actually helps your body attract moisture and absorb healthy ingredients
  • Note: Be cautious when buying glycerin for your own use- there are non-vegetable varieties, derived from petroleum or animal fat, that can be very drying to the skin

Organic Tea Tree Oil helps to preserve and kill off any nasties:

  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • antiviral
  • stimulates the immune system

My verdict:

I love how my skin felt soft and supple after using this – most cleansers leave my skin a bit tight and dry, but this oil-based cleanser worked a treat when it came to taking my make-up off, along with the daily grime that had accumulated underneath, leaving my skin clean and fresh. A big thumbs up from me!

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My nightmare with antidepressants


It’s taken me a while, but my video about treating my depression and anxiety is finally up :)

This video is pretty long, so it may not be for everyone – I recommend watching it if you suffer from anxiety/depression and are looking for alternative treatments.

– In a nutshell: A quick background of what caused my depression and anxiety
– My anxiety and depression: what I experienced
– My nightmare with antidepressants
– Finding alternative treatment

Mentioned links:
Mindfulness meditation
Magnesium and the brain: the original chill pill

*** NOTE: This is just my personal experience with anxiety and depression, and what I found helped me in my own journey. This video is in no way intended to be professional medical advice, so please consult with your doctor or health professional first before trying any of my treatment suggestions **


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My first time drinking chai



Some people are either a coffee person or a tea person. I am definitely a tea person!

My favourite staples are regular green tea and Earl Grey, and branching from that I’d have to say ginger tea, passion flower tea, lavender tea, peach tea, lemon verbena tea… the list goes on.

Most recently added to that list is chai tea – I never really liked it initially because I had only ever seen it served with milk as a ‘chai latte’, and I’m not a fan of tea with milk in general. So when I learnt that you could actually have chai in it’s original form, my mind was blown!

I tried ‘straight’ chai for the first time when I received this gorgeous Chai Walli packet in my Vegan Box subscription. This was a caffeine-free version (so minus the black tea) which was a bonus because I’m not really into black tea either.

While it was brewing in my teapot, the smell captivated me – such a sensual, spicy aroma, yet sweet and warm too. Most chai spice mixtures include ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, peppercorn, nutmeg and cloves, so it’s no surprise that my olfactory receptors were having a field day.

Other possible ingredients include nutmeg, mace, black cardamom, chilli, coriander, rose flavouring, or liquorice root. This particular mixture had dried rose petals added to it, which looked so pretty when I poured it into a glass jar for storage, kind of like a herbal pot pourri.

There are also some great health benefits to drinking chai:

  • Ginger aids digestion
  • Cardamom detoxes
  • Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Star anise contains antioxidants and has antifungal and antibacterial properties
  • Fennel seeds are concentrated source of minerals like copper, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc, and magnesium
  • Pepper corn promotes intestinal health
  • Nutmeg relieves pain and improves blood circulation
  • Cloves are a natural anti-inflammatory

So if you feel like giving chai a go, or are already a fan and would like to see how Chai Walli fares then check out their Chai Walli online store.

They have both the caffeine-free and regular chai, as well as some organic jaggery – a natural, unrefined sweetener derived from palm sap, and is a natural sweetener used in Indian dishes, especially chai.


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Choc-Orange Jaffa Mousse with 5 ingredients



Hi guys!

Sorry it’s taken me so long but I finally have my new YouTube video up :)

This time it’s a How-To video featuring a Choc-Orange Jaffa Mousse, with only 5 ingredients.

If you have an avocado, cacao powder, coconut cream, maple syrup, and some orange zest* then you’re ready to go!

Watch the video below to follow the recipe, and make sure to watch til the end to see what surprise topping I use from Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees as the finishing touch!

*sorry I used the wrong term in the video – I said ‘rind’ instead of ‘zest’. Apologies for the typo!

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DIY Powder Foundation with only 6 ingredients



Hi guys!

So I’ve finally put up me next YouTube video, and it’s all about making your own powder foundation!

You only need 6 ingredients, most of which can be found in your kitchen or bathroom.

The good thing about this is that if you find that this type of foundation isn’t really for you, you can use the edible powders in your baking and cooking, and you can use the clay for your weekly/monthly face masks :)

So why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose!


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‘Berry Ripe’ Superfood Smoothie




Hi guys!

So today I posted my very first food video on YouTube! It features a delicious superfood smoothie that is packed full of goodies for the skin that will make you glow from the inside out.

It’s based on the Cherry Ripe Smoothie by LOVE SMOOTHIES, but I’ve tweaked it a bit to suit what I had in my kitchen at the time, so essentially it’s more of a ‘Berry Ripe’ rather than a Cherry Ripe.

So why is this smoothie great for your health and your skin?

The ‘Milk Chocolatte’ blend that I use in the video contains organic cacao powder, organic lucuma powder, organic mesquite powder, organic vanilla powder, organic maca powder, and organic ground cinnamon.

Together, these ingredients help to elevate your mood, enhance well-being and mental clarity, balance blood sugars, reduce cravings and increase energy. Cacao and lucuma are both proven to have potent anti-ageing effects on skin.

The blend contains no nasty fillers, preservatives or additives, and is an excellent source of magnesium, fibre and antioxidants, plus a useful source of calcium and protein.

Other benefits:

  • Banana provides vitamins B6, C, and folate, magnesium, potassium, fibre and antioxidants
  • Spinach provides niacin, zinc, fibre, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and manganese
  • Berries provide vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants
  • If you choose to go with almond milk, this also provides protein, fibre, vitamin E,magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, potassium, iron,phosphorus, trytophan and calcium

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LUSH Buffy and Snap The Whip Body Butter Bars review


IMG_133063brightersmallerPictured clockwise from top-right: Big Buffy Body Butter, You Snap The Whip Blackberry Body Butter (smells like bubblegum!), and Buffy Body Butter.

So if you don’t already know, these beautiful little bars are from LUSH, one of my most favourite places to buy beauty and skincare products.

What do I love about these bars?

  • Both scents/flavours are vegan
  • No-mess application (rub on wet skin in the shower then rinse off the exfoliating bits)
  • Easy to take with you when travelling, with no risk of spilling in your luggage!
  • Leaves skin silky smooth and soft, no need to moisturise afterwards

Buffy Body Butter (big and regular size)

This is perfect for cellulite and the pesky thigh area in general. You use it on wet skin, in the bath or the shower, paying special attention to your backside, then you rinse off the rough bits. Rice, almonds and beans help to exfoliate while the cocoa and shea butters in it moisturise your skin beautifully.

You Snap The Whip

As mentioned before, this little beauty smells like some sort of fruity bubblegum. The combination of pumice and charcoal provides effective exfoliation, whilst the macadamia nut oil moisturises and the fruity blackcurrant and bergamot essential oils leave you smelling heavenly.

Snickers Smoothie Bowl



Hey guys!

So here’s my version of a Snickers bar in smoothie form :)

I blended:

  • 1 cup almond milk (any nut milk/soy milk/coconut milk would do)
  • 1 scoop soy vanilla ice-cream
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tblsp peanut butter
  • 1-2 fresh dates (or pitted dates soaked in water first)
  • A handful of vegan chocolate chips (you can also just add a tblsp of cacao powder if you prefer)

Once blended, pour into a bowl and top with:


Seriously the yummiest thing I’ve had for breakfast ever :)


Vegan potato salad with coconut bacon



So this an awesome dish that my mum and I made during Christmas last year, and it seriously tasted SO GOOD.

For the dressing, we blended:
1/2 cup soaked cashews
A dash of lemon juice
A teaspoon of seeded mustard
A teaspoon of dried chives

When it reached a creamy consistency, we mixed it in with a bowl of boiled and cut potatoes.

For the coconut bacon, I tweaked The Simple Veganista’s recipe a bit (simply because I didn’t have Liquid Smoke on me, and I wasn’t too keen on the maple syrup:
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
3 1/2 cups coconut flakes
mineral salt for sprinkling, optional
coconut oil, for greasing

So I preheated the oven to 160 degrees (Celsius), and while that was warming up I mixed the soy sauce, paprika and coconut flakes, then I spread it all on some baking paper and placed in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Keep an eye on it cause they burn quickly! They should come out brown and crispy.

We then sprinkled the coconut bacon on our potato mixture, along with some more dried chives. Mum decided to add some de-seeded green chillies as well for a little extra zing :)

Chocolate dipped and sprinkle covered marshmallow pop



How awesome is this lollipop! All my favourite things (chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallows) all in one. And the bonus is that it’s vegan too.

I received this beautiful masterpiece in one of my subscription Vegan Boxes a while back, and is from Decadent Handmade Chocolatesa gourmet chocolate company created by Rebecca Bennett in the far north coast of NSW, Australia.

What I love about Rebecca’s business is that it encompasses everything I look for when it comes to food – it’s dairy-free, vegan, organic and delicious.

They also several chocolate options to choose from if you are allergic to nuts, wheat, soy or gluten – if in doubt just ask them which confections might be suitable for you or check each product ingredients listing to confirm.

Some of the chocolate flavours they make to order are Rocky road, hazelnut pralinecoconut ruff, raspberry ganache, cointreau & orange, mint creams, a salted caramel ganache – my mouth is watering just thinking about it!



Chia pancakes with coconut whipped cream



I know I’ve been really bad with posting on the blog, and I’m so sorry about that guys! :(

I’m currently working through a backlog of food posts that I put on Instagram and am making sure I’m posting them on here as well now (for some reason my Instagram is the most updated of all my accounts including the blog, probably because I’m always on it haha).

So this post features my first attempt at chia panacakes. They weren’t very perfectly shaped but boy were they delicious!

Chia seeds are healthy

The many benefits of chia seeds:

  • High in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Promotes a healthy digestive tract — relieving constipation, diarrhea, and inflammation
  • Gluten-free and grain-free
  • Excellent source of magnesium

How I made them

The recipe is pretty much a normal pancake mix but with some chia seeds added:

1 1/2 cups soy or almond milk
1 tablespoon egg replacer (usually made out of tapioca powder) mixed with 2 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups  self-raising flour
1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/3 cup sugar
25g Nuttelex (or any other plant-based margerine), melted

Then you whisk the soy/almond milk, egg replacer and vanilla together in a jug. Then sift the flour and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl, and stir in the sugar. After making a well in the centre add the liquid mixture in. Whisk until just combined, then mix a few tablespoons of chia seeds.

I made the coconut whipped cream by leaving a can of full-fat coconut cream upside-down in the fridge over night. In the morning the thick cream would be on the top of the can, easy to scoop out and whip for a couple of minutes until soft and whispy.

I then topped the pancakes with the whipped cream, homemade raw chocolate chunks, coconut syrup and lots of yummy fruit :)

Don’t have egg replacer?

You can use chia seeds soaked overnight instead :)

1 tbsp chia seeds to 3 tbsp water will yield the same consistency as one egg.

Bee One of a Kind review


Image by Moss & Stone

Bee One of a Kind is a fairly new brand, but I love it because of the fact that it’s local, organic and I can trust that each product is made with love and care. I know this because one of my closest friends, Melissa, is the creator and owner and her passion for what she makes is so very genuine and contagious!

Though not exclusively vegan, the brand provides a vegan selection of products (from facial toners to bath soaks), and the products that do contain bee honey is sourced from an ethical and organic farm where the bees are not harmed or gassed.

During the festive period, I bought a lot of goodies from her as gifts for family members (and myself haha) and the comments I have received have been nothing but good. I tried both bath soaks and found them the perfect way to end a stressful day.

This is probably due to the power-trio of ingredients in the soaks – Epsom salts, organic Pink Himalayan rock salt, and bicarbonate soda. The Epsom helps to relax the nervous system, cure skin conditions, soothe back pain and aching limbs, ease muscle strain, heal wounds and cuts and draw toxins from the body, while the Pink Himalayan salt aids the body purification process (its high crystalline structure allows nutrients to be absorbed at a cellular level). Not to mention it has 84 essential trace minerals and its alkaline/acidic balance helps the body to harmonise and neutralise (a balance which is affected during high levels of stress). The bicarb soda gives the extra kick of neutralising acid and alkaline to regulate the skin’s pH levels, as well as gently exfoliating.

With this super-base of detoxing ingredients, the ‘Unwind’ soak also has organic sweet almond oil, organic rose petals, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender, sweet orange essential oil and cinnamon essential oil – a nourishing combination which created beautiful bath water to relax in, as well as smooth skin afterwards, and a relaxed and soothed mind after a very long day!

The ‘Detox’ soak also includes the salt and soda trio, along with organic sweet almond oil, Sencha green tea leaves, fennel seeds, thyme, lemon essential oil and geranium essential oil. Fennel seeds and thyme help to cleanse and get rid of any nasties in your body (fennel helps with stomach and PMS problems, whilst thyme aids respiratory problems including bronchitis, coughs, and chest congestion). The lemon and geranium give an uplifting scent, and is an overall mood lifter. The ‘Detox’ soak is definitely something I’d keep for those ‘icky’ days when I feel a cold coming on, or am just not feeling right.

Image courtesy of Bee One of a Kind

I gave these awesome coffee scrub shots as a gift to my sister, Naomi, and from the glowing skin she’s been sporting lately, I think it’s done a great a job. The coffee shots contain fair-trade organic coffee beans, raw sugar, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic peppermint leaves, cinnamon, cornflour, organic pink Himalayan salt, peppermint essential oil and rosewater – all-natural ingredients that provide lots of goodness to the skin.

Here is what Naomi had to say:
“Has a light, choc-peppermint aroma. It comes in a set of perfectly-sized portions that look like coffee shots, which is good so you don’t have to think about how much you need to use, just use one “shot” per session. It leaves skin literally feeling soft and velvety, even after drying skin with a towel. No need to moisturize! :D Softness lasts until next shower.”

Vee.p Review


IMG_1607102smaller IMG_1608101smaller

How cute are these little things? I came across Vee.p when Vanessa, one of my Facebook friends posted a status asking people to like a page she made for her start-up soap business.

After reading the words ‘Vegan, handmade and handcut’ I was hooked – I had to try these out!

Bit of background info: Vee.p soaps are 100% cruelty free, palm oil free, and free from synthetic dyes, pigments or fragrances. Each bar of soap is unique in it’s special way, lovingly made via traditional cold process methods, and containing at least 50% olive oil.

I decided to buy three of the many adorably-named options (believe me, it was hard to pick!) and I have to say, I was certainly not disappointed!

Whatever Max

This dark, handsome stranger gave a refreshing zing to the bathing experience. The peppermint, rosemary & cedar wood in the soap was very uplifting, with the Australian black clay and desiccated coconut making for a great exfoliation session. All-in-all, a perfect starter for that morning shower when you need a energetic pick-me-up and smooth skin to boot.

Skinny Love

This definitely ticks the ‘indulgent beauty’ box, as far as soap goes. First off, this rose-hued bar smells like all kinds of awesome with lavender and grapefruit, as well as a hint of frankincense and myrrh. Fruity, floral, but down to earth. But not only does it leave you smelling amazing, it’s a blessing for your skin as well – Skinny Love also has Australian black and pastel pink clay which cleanses, conditions, hydrates and adds firmness to your skin. You’re left feeling fresh and tingly all over, with an all-over glow. I love how smooth my skin felt after just one use.

Relax Trevor

A great bar of soap to end the day with. The lavender really comes through, creating a relaxing atmosphere while the cedar wood keeps you grounded and the poppy seeds provide gentle exfoliation to the skin. Just what tired muscles (and a tired mind) need after a long day at work. I used it in the bath and let some of the dried lavender float in the water for an extra relaxing effect. Truly calming.

Vanilla, Raspberry and Strawberry Nana Icecream


Vanilla Berry Ice Cream from Moss and Stone blog

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it’s something I really have to work on for the new year!

Here’s a breakfast post I’ve been meaning to put up for a while, but never got round to it until now – it’s Vanilla Raspberry Nana Ice Cream with chia seeds, coconut shreds and kiwi fruit.

All I did was blend a frozen banana with a few drops of vanilla essence, and dropped in a couple of strawberries and a handful of frozen raspberries whilst blending (to get the ripple effect).

Then I scooped it into a bowl and garnished with the toppings :)


Interview with James Aspey of Voiceless365


james aspey

Though some might mistake James Aspey for a typical gym-junkie guy with muscles and tattoos to match, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

James has now neared the end of his 365-day Voiceless365 campaign – a vow of silence in the name of animal liberation. The awareness campaign grew out of his passion for animal rights, and has proven to be no small feat.

Starting in Sydney, James travelled in a camper-van whilst making pit stops along the way to talk about his cause and educating townsfolk on animal welfare. With his van breaking down in the middle of outback Western Australia, James resorted to hitch hiking to Darwin, and cycled the remaining distance from Darwin to Sydney.

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get into contact with James via email to ask him a few questions about his journey and what got him started in the first place!

Thara: From what I’ve read it seems you’re like any other 20-something guy who enjoys life and likes to have a good time. You’re definitely not the stereotypical ‘tree-hugging hippie’ people think of when they find out someone is vegan, even more so when they are a trainer. How do you usually deal with people that think like this, and how do you explain the vegan lifestyle and what your values are whilst maintaining that you are a ‘fit’ and ‘normal’ person?

James: I find it hilarious that some people see veganism as something reserved for hippies, animal lovers and extremists. I used to think that as well, but now it’s so funny to me because the main reason I’m vegan is something that 99% of people already agree with, which is that it’s wrong to inflict unnecessary pain and death on an animal.

It’s obvious we don’t need to buy leather or support the circus, but once you realise that you don’t need to include any animal products in your diet to thrive and be optimally healthy, the only reasons we have left for using animals are habit, convenience and taste. None of those reasons constitute as a necessity so the only way to be consistent with your beliefs and actions in regards to avoiding unnecessary pain and death on an animal, is to go vegan.

So I think the best way to explain it is to make others realise it is completely normal to agree with the main principle of veganism. In this day, when it is so incredibly easy to be vegan, the internet is full of information and advice, more and more research is coming out on the many health benefits of a vegan diet, the countless delicious vegan meals, restaurants have vegan options, grocery stores are full of vegan items, there is growing awareness about the cruel way in which animals are treated… The question then isn’t why am I vegan, but rather, why are they not?

Thara: So you started this 365-day challenge in January, and now you’re nine months (at the time of the interview) into it. How do you feel? What have you gained from the experience so far? What have you achieved? What were your challenges? What do you do to cope with the stresses that may come your way?

James: Depends what day you ask me. Today I’m feeling positive, optimistic, and like I’m making a difference. Yesterday I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and like I wanted to go into hibernation. It’s been an intense year. I only started taking veganism seriously as a moral obligation when I began my vow of silence. Before that I would still allow myself a bit of dairy or cheese here and there. Now I understand that every single one of those purchases caused harm to an animal. The person buying the products are equally responsible as the people working in the slaughterhouse.

So basically I threw myself in the deep end this year which forced me to learn and I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from the people I’ve met, places I’ve visited and the countless hours I’ve spent listening to lectures, debates, interviews, reading books and articles, then I share everything I’ve learned and the experiences I’m having with the followers the Voiceless365 blog. The writings on the blog have been my most useful way of advocating on behalf of animals and it’s success, which I’ve judged by the amount of new vegans and awareness it has raised, has been better than I ever imagined.

The year has been full of ups and downs. Forcing myself to remain silent in heated discussions and settling for a pen and paper to jot down my raging thoughts. My van broke down in the middle of outback Western Australia so i had to abandon it, hitch hike to Darwin, and now I’m cycling the remaining distance from Darwin to Sydney which is another example of a challenge I jumped straight in the deep end. It’s going good though, only stacked it once so far, and that was in the first 10km’s!

Most of all, my challenge is to keep my cool in a world where buying products obtained from torturing and slaughtering sentient beings is normal. Everywhere I look, someone’s purchases are paying for extreme animal cruelty. The very same people love and cherish their dog and cat and apparently are strongly opposed to animal cruelty, yet they say this while eating a piece of steak or drinking a glass of milk! The hypocrisy is real, it is common, and for anyone who has woken up to the reality of what billions of animals go through every year because most people want to eat them as a snack, there’s bound to be moments where you feel sad and exhausted.

james aspey2Thara: Originally you were using the campaign as a way to not only educate people on your cause, but to also raise money for Animals Australia. The fundraising aspect was stopped though – can you tell us why?

James: A few months into the journey I learned there was a debate in the animal movement regarding abolition versus welfare. I didn’t understand it all but it was enough to make me wary about actively asking for donations until I knew more, though I wasn’t yet convinced enough to cut fundraising altogether.

Recently I’ve gone deeper into this topic and came to the conclusion it was best to stop raising funds for the welfare organisation I’d chosen, as we had some conflicting, core beliefs in that I believe the best way to achieve an end to animal exploitation is to advocate for it, rather than advocate for incremental improvements in animal welfare.

Thara: You mention that when you were 17 years old you were diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Do you think being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease at such a young age gave you the thirst for life that you have today?

James: Having cancer didn’t change my life, but it did make me want to. I felt like I missed out on a lot of living while I was sick so once I got better I started investing time into learning how to live a more positive, purpose-filled life. I read books, started meditating, and began incorporating the new things I was learning one piece at a time. Anyone can take steps towards improving their life, you don’t need to have cancer, you just need to start walking the path.

Thara: Meditation and the act of mindfulness seemed to be a big factor in changing who you are today. Do you think practicing meditation is a beneficial thing for anyone to incorporate into their lives? If so, why? How would you recommend a novice should start?

James: Meditation is one of the best ways I ever invested my time to create a better future for myself. In my experience, it’s helped me shine a light on some of the darker aspects of my personality such as self-consciousness, anger and self-sabotage. Meditation has helped me embrace the confidence and joy that is already inside each one of us, waiting to shine through. It’s excellent medication for your body and mind and you can start by doing something as simple as shifting your attention from the constant chatter in your mind, to the sensation of the inhalation and exhalation of your breathing. The more you take the attention from your mind, the less power those thoughts have over your life and you can start gaining more control of your actions as opposed to simply reacting all the time.

If you really want to learn meditation, I’d recommend going to a Vipassana course which is a 10 day retreat and all you do is eat, sleep and meditate. They teach you the technique. Also, you have to take a vow of silence for the entire 10 days, so you’ll get some insight into what this year has been all about for me!

Facebook: Voiceless365
Instagram: @voiceless365

Vegan Black Forest Cake



Hi guys!

I know it’s a bit late but here is my Vegan Black Forest Cake!

I used the recipe by Rawified, but substituted:

  • the honey for maple syrup
  • the cashew cream with whipped coconut cream

I made the whipped coconut cream by opening a can of light coconut milk and scooping the thick creamy bits out, whipping it with an electric cake mixer thing, and adding a bit of sugar as I whipped.

So freakin’ delicious!


Jane Iredale Blogger Event



I was invited to the gorgeous jane iredale makeup event on the evening of Tuesday 16 September.

I hadn’t heard much about the brand before, but upon some pre-event research, I found a gem in terms of the perfect cosmetic brand.

What ticked the boxes for me:

  • The brand is strongly against animal testing – it does not test its products on animals, none of their ingredients are separately tested on animals by the brand or third parties, and they do not sell their products in countries were animal testing is mandatory (e.g China)
  • The brand uses natural ingredients – they do not use synthetic preservatives, parabens or phenoxyethanols, and their mineral coverage products only use pure mineral pigment with no fillers such as talc

On the night, Russian pro makeup artist Julia Kur gave  a live makeup tutorial to demonstrate some of the latest products, and guests got to have a sneak peak look at the brand’s new product launches for 2014.

At the bottom of this blog post I’ve included three different step-by-step take-home tutorials featuring the City Nights collection that Julia provided to us on the night, so you can try them out at home! :)

IMG_109014 IMG_109317 IMG_109418 IMG_109820 IMG_110021 IMG_110223 IMG_110324 IMG_110525 IMG_110626 IMG_110927 IMG_111128 IMG_111734 IMG_111835 IMG_111936 IMG_112337 IMG_112438 IMG_113140 IMG_113341 IMG_113442

Step-by-step take-home tutorials:

IMG_0001 (2)


Mist (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Deluxe Shader brush
Crease brush
Port (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Bronze 24-Karat gold Dust
Angle Eyeliner brush
Brown jelly jar eyeliner
Smudge brush
PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner
Black Ice Longest lash mascara

Copper wind PurePressed Blush

Sienna Lip Pencil
Katerina Pure Moist Lipstick

IMG_0002 (2)


Mist (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Deluxe Shader brush
Silver 24-Karat Gold Dust
Angle Eyeliner Brush
Purple Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner
Pure Lash Lash Extender and Conditioner
Brown Black PureLash Lengthening Mascara
Bitty Brow Kit

Copper wind PurePressed Blush
White Fan Brush

Earth Red Lip Pencil
Katerina PureMoist Lipstick
Kir Royale PureGloss Lip Gloss



Mist (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Deluxe Shader Brush
Crease brush
Toast (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Angle Eyeliner brush
Green Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner
PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner
Black Ice Long Lash Mascara

Awake PurePressed Blush
White Fan Brush
Silver or Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust

Pink Smoothie PureGloss Lip Gloss


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to the event and received complementary items, but I am not being paid to write about the event or products – this was my own decision based on how I favour the products – I only write about brands and products that I personally like. None of the links are commission-based – I do not receive any benefit from you clicking on a link, or buying a product from the site. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Interview with Greg Beazley from Surfers In A Dress



Wearing a dress in the name of charity is what Greg Beazley is all about.

Founded by Beazley in 2012,  Surfers In A Dress  is an event held on behalf the charity, One Girl and their Do It In A Dress initiative.

Every year on a Saturday or Sunday in October, local surfers gather at Bondi Beach with their frocks and go surfing to raise money and awareness to help girls in Sierra Leone, Africa gain access to education – a privilege few girls ever receive.

I sat down with this ‘heart of gold’ surfer to talk about how it all started.


Thara (T): What do you do outside the ‘Surfers in a dress’ campaign? Do you work with other charitable organisations?

Greg (G): I’m a marketing consultant, specialising in customer lifecycle management and marketing automation. I’ve been surfing since I was 16 and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect mix of exercise, fun, relaxation and mates. I don’t work with other charities (yet), but I am an avid supporter of They’re a microfinance charity that offer small scale loans to people in third world countries, so they can start or grow their business.

T: How did you come across One Girl?

G: My good friend, David Dixon is the co-founder of One Girl. It was through his personal experiences and stories from Sierra Leone that struck a chord in me and I’ve been supporting the charity since the beginning.


T: What was the response to your first campaign in 2012?

G: It was surprisingly good, considering I only had less than 3 weeks to organise it. About 45 people attended and we raised $5000.

T: What do you think made it so successful?

G: I think because I had a number of friends who joined the team and helped raise the money fairly quickly. That’s really the key. Creating a tribe of like-minded people to work towards a common goal. In terms of attendance, I luckily had a large group from Let’s Go Surfing school in Bondi come along and make the event an instant success.


T: Are you planning on making the event bigger and better in years to come? Will there be any surprises in store this year that weren’t included last year?

G: That’s the plan. My vision is to make it a Bondi community event, where several local businesses around the area are proud supporters of it and representatives of each business take part in the challenge of wearing a school dress and coming down to have some fun (whether they surf or not). In terms of surprises this year, I’m trying my best to get some celebrities involved and wearing a dress on the day.

T: Do you think you will make it a nationwide event that could occur at different beaches around Australia?

G: I’ve already had some interest from other ambassadors of One Girl in Wollongong and Adelaide who also want to hold a Surfers In A Dress event in their area. Who knows, maybe Surfers In A Dress will become a franchise event around the country or even the world. That would be awesome to see. I think if Surfers In A Dress continues to build momentum and more people get involved and get behind the cause of helping girls gain access to education in Sierra Leone, then really, the sky’s the limit.

Learn more about Surfers In A Dress in the photos and videos on their site, check out their blog and visit their Facebook page for the latest news.

Photo credits: Jaydon Cabe Photography

Vegan sausage rolls



Been addicted to these homemade vegan sausage rolls lately.

Sausage filling (thanks to Vegie Delights by Sanitarium) is rolled in puff pastry and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

You can add onion relish or flavouring of your choice along with the filling if you like (I can’t eat onion because of health issues).

The salad was just spinach, tomatoes, avacado and sunflower seeds with a dressing made of sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, lemon and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

smallerIMG_09247 smallerIMG_09258

Get in my belly



Another breakfast post for today!

Berry oatmeal made with frozen berries, almond milk and oats warmed on the stove. Once creamy and and pink, I poured it into a bowl and topped with kiwifruit, passionfruit pulp, frozen berries, raw vegan chocolate shavings, desiccated coconut and a sprinkle of coconut palm sugar.
smallerIMG_09215smallerIMG_09204 smallerIMG_09193

Nicecream for breakfast



What I had for breakfast today.

I don’t usually do food posts, but I thought I might give some insight into what I eat, especially for those of you who seem to think being a vegetarian or vegan means you only eat ‘plastic’.

Being a vegetarian has been the best life decision I’ve made, and rather than limit my diet it has opened so many more options. I’m slowly moving into veganism now, and I am loving it.

This morning I made banana icecream, layered with frozen berry nana icecream, topped with bananas, raspberries, blueberries, black berries, sunflower seeds, sour cherries from our backyard and finally some homemade dark chocolate bits made by yours truly.

Every bit of it was delicious and healthy ❤

Plain nana icecream layer:
1 frozen banana blended in the food processor (I followed the recipe by One Ingredient Chef)

Frozen berry nana icecream layer:
Same as above, but while it was blending I slowly added some frozen berries in

Raw vegan chocolate:
Whisked some raw cacao powder to some melted coconut oil (off the heat) and a few tablespoons of maple syrup. Then I poured it into a contained and let it set before placing in the fridge (I followed the recipe by Veggie Nook)

Grown Alchemist review



For today’s post I’ll be giving you guys a personal review of the Grown Alchemist Facial Kit. If you’re new to Grown, or are not sure on what type of product to use in your skincare routine, this kit is handy in trying some of the key essentials.

The kit comes with a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and lipbalm, all in versatile travel-friendly sized bottles that you can carry around in your handbag.

I use Grown as a treat for my face – because I’m a student on a tight budget, good skincare is important to me but the price that comes with quality is quite hard to adhere to when you’re still juggling textbook fees and Myki fares.

However, I still want to do the best for my skin, so I make sure that when I splash out on something as expensive (and as good!) as Grown Alchemist, I want to make sure I gain all possible benefits from the products.

I make sure I do this by using the facial kit for my weekly skin detoxes. A weekly skin detox is something every beauty boffin should do to maintain the healthy look and state of your skin.

It’s fairly easy and fun – my own detox routine consists of a proper exfoliation of the skin (whether it be an enzyme peel of face scrub) followed by cleanse (any choice of cleanser) and then a decent steam. This usually means holding my face above a steaming bowl of water for about 15 minutes. Sometimes I add a couple of drops of essential oils depending on my mood (lavender for evenings, lemon for mornings, tea tree if it’s that time of month and my skin’s breaking out).

After 30 minutes of steaming, my pores are clean, open and ready for an intensive face-mask. I either make my own clay mask with green clay, lemon juice, Witch Hazel and essential oils, or I slather on a store-bought alternative (I don’t mind as long as it’s not tested on animals and contains no parabens or other nasties).

After 30 minutes of the mask (I know 10-15 minutes is the recommended time but my skin is quite stubborn and I’ve found I see no difference until after the 25 minute mark) I wash it off, and follow it with a toner, then serum, and finally a  moisturiser to lock in the goodness. If it’s happening before I go to bed I also dab some eye-cream.

Following this routine, below are my thoughts on how Grown’s facial kit fared on my skin.

Geranium Leaf, Bergamot and Rosebud Gentle Gel Cleanser

I loved the soft feel of the gel on my skin, which quickly lathered and dispersed evenly without much hassle. The bergamot and rose really came through which made for a delicious scent while I washed my face. The Chamomile, bergamot and willow bark in the cleanser helped to reduce my pore size, while the botanical goodness from the rosebuds left my skin looking evenly toned. The touch of aloe vera created some suppleness that lasted even after I had rinsed and pat dry. The cleanser worked perfectly to clean my skin without drying it out completely, leaving it soft to touch and smelling delicious.

Rose Absolute, Gingseng and Chamomile Balancing Toner

I love that this toner includes olive and chamomile extracts – they are known to gently tighten and smooth the skin without removing natural water-binding agents or drying the skin. The toner was refreshing and invigorating as soon as I dabbed it on, instantly leaving a great tingling feeling to my cheeks. My skin felt like it was glowing, especially with the refined texture and even skin tone.  The added ginseng and aloe vera was great in toning and soothing while the Vitamin C gave an extra boost against free-radical damage. I usually find that products enhanced with Vitamin C usually do some good for my skin in terms of uneven skin tone – my problem area is around my chin and mouth. After regular use of the toner I found a difference in colour and texture.

Rosehip & Camellia Seed Facial Serum

My ultimate skin savior. Rosehip is always a winner in skincare products, and when using this serum I can definitely saw the benefits after a few days. The antioxidants in rosehip is perfect for dull, dry skin that needs some revitalization and elasticity – both I noticeably saw in my skin. Camellia seed oil gives an extra boost of hydration and repair as well, which left my skin soft and silky smooth

Camellia and Geranium Hydrating Cream

As a person with dry skin and a T-zone, this cream proved to be effective in combating both those problems. It’s non-greasy, but contains camellia and rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and Cane sugar  which help to hyrdrate and soothe the skin without overkill. I found that my usually dry and flaky skin was supple, soft, well hydrated but even better was that my my oily t-zone was also gone, leaving a uniform glow. This was thanks to the added goodness of Mayblossom which helps to rebalance natural sebum levels.

Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm

What can I say, I only wish this lip balm came in a super-sized edition as I can’t get enough! Fruity goodness with a tinge of warm vanilla that also keeps your smackers soft and shiny. Perfect.

Grown Alchemist products and ingredients are not tested on animals. Product packaging is made from glass and hardened premium PET plastic one of the world’s most recycled materials, making their products good for the environment as well as your health.

Aje. Agrees to Give Fur the Cold Shoulder



Words by Jason Baker, Director of Campaigns, PETA Australia

Every fur coat, lining or piece of trim represents the suffering of dozens of animals, whether they have been caught in the wild and slaughtered or confined to farms. Furriers also often intentionally mislabel items, and fur in Australia can come from animals (including cats and dogs) who have been beaten, boiled, hung, electrocuted or skinned alive on Chinese fur farms.

Following an ongoing campaign by PETA Australia that included e-mails from activists, designer Aje. has confirmed that it is both fur- AND angora-free!

Aje.’s decision to join the long list of Australian designers who have pledged not to use fur is another great victory for animals who are tortured for their skin, and we are very pleased to hear that the label has taken this compassionate stance.

More information on animals used for fur is available on the PETA website.

Put an end to the cruelty of live export in Australia




** Repost from the WSPA Australia e-Newsletter. Words by Margaret West, Director **

I wrote to you a few weeks ago about the worst live export shipping disaster in recent history. I hate to say that the situation isn’t getting any better. In the last few weeks, we have witnessed a live export ship break down off coast of WA and saw discussions starting about re-opening live export to Saudi Arabia, a country that has explicitly stated it will not comply with Australia’s animal welfare requirements.

It’s horrible to think what these poor animals go through. The cramped conditions, the sweltering temperatures, the noise, the rock and lurch of a ship and the unbearable humidity.

There are alternatives to this cruel trade.

WSPA has commissioned independent research* into the benefits of transitioning away from the cruelty of live export.

The report shows that a transition away from live export to a domestic chilled meat trade is good for farmers and the economy. Most importantly it means animals do not have to be subjected to weeks at sea in cramped, unhygienic and disease-ridden conditions, only for their lives to be ended inhumanely.

If you have already made a donation, thank you so much. If you have not, please make an urgent donation today, or join our Animal Rescue Team with a monthly donation of $30.

You can make a difference

  • Your gift can help create educational tools so you and other Australians are able to take effective action to help stop the cruelty.
  • Your gift can help us meet with members of parliament and key industry figures across Australia. It’s important we share the benefits of a domestic meat trade. It’s not just better for animals, it’s better for our farmers, our jobs, and our economy too.
  • More work is needed to help convince those in positions of power. You can help fund further research into the alternative to live export, so together we can end the suffering of animals.

Thank you for understanding how urgently you are needed, and for acting to protect animals worldwide.

*Research conducted by ACIL Tasman and Sapere Research. Full report can be downloaded at


Image source: ABC website

Farmers versus Monsanto



** Taken from Sum of Us e-newsletter, words by Paul Ferris ***

About 15 thousand years ago, the world’s first farmer had the idea of saving the seeds from one year’s crop and planting them again next year. And that’s how farmers did it for thousands of years after that.

Until Monsanto.

Today, Monsanto is claiming patent rights over seeds – the fundamental source of all plant life – so it can charge farmers royalties for doing what people have done for thousands of years.

It’s already charging millions in illegal royalties in Brazil. It’s suing farmers in the U.S. And in India it’s jacked up the cost of seeds so much that it’s contributing to an epidemic of suicides among bankrupt farmers.

The latest front in Monsanto’s war on farmers is Canada, where a bill is flying through parliament to give corporate agribusiness long-term patent rights over seeds. And if it win heres, Monsanto will use trade agreements to force other countries to abide by these patent claims as well.

Canadian farmers are fighting back, but they’re massively outgunned by Monsanto’s lobbyists and money. If they’re going to have any chance to stop this bill, they need our help to fight back. Can you chip in $5 a month to stop Monsanto’s attempt to monopolize food production in Canada and around the world?

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 a month to help stop Monsanto from monopolizing our food system.

No, but I can make a one-time contribution.

Giving monthly is the best way to help, because it lets us plan for the future and be ready for whatever Monsanto throws at us. You can update or cancel your donations any time.

In January, thousands of us chipped in with concerned shareholders to demand that Monsanto admit publicly that their GMO crops pose real risks to the environment — and we got incredible press, putting serious pressure on the bio-tech giant to change their ways.

Now, we’re teaming up with farmers to battle Monsanto in Canada – and together we make a powerful team.

The farmers have the expertise, credibility, and passion that comes from fighting for your livelihood. And with 4 million members and cutting edge online campaign tactics, SumOfUs has the power to raise public awareness and turn this into a massive grassroots movement.

The Canadian parliament could vote on the Monsanto seed takeover any time — so we need to take action now.

As Vandana Shiva said, when corporations control seeds, they control life. They’re taking a renewable common resource and turning it into a non-renewable, patented commodity. It’s up to us to fight back. Can you chip in $5 a month?

Thanks for making your voices heard,

Paul and the team at

Image credit: Frederic Didillon/Getty Images




Bit of a grey day when these photos were taken, courtesy of the lovely boyfriend. I’m really liking the basic monochrome look, especially when teamed with delicate metals. This is why I decided on the black and beige colour blocking with silver accents :)
I am wearing Pixie top in black by Dolly Girl Fashion (no longer available, so here is something similar), Wrap-around skirt by H&M, Blazer by H&M, jewellery by Jolie & Deen.

IMG_0749 IMG_0748 IMG_0747 IMG_0743 IMG_0742 IMG_0736 IMG_0730

The cruelty of the leather trade exposed


Indonesian Government Looking To Stabilize Beef Prices
Photo by Ed Wray/Getty Images

** From the PETA Australia e-Newsletter, words by Ingrid E Newkirk **

Each year, more than a million cows are illegally smuggled from India across the border into Bangladesh, where they have their throats cut while they are still conscious.

Many of them have suffered all their lives in the dairy industry and can no longer produce the desired levels of milk. Others are bullocks who had been forced to pull heavy carts loaded with sugarcane, bricks or other items all their lives.

Many people are surprised to learn about the ghastly story behind the leather used in shoes, gloves and furniture here in Australia.

PETA’s recent investigation revealed that cows suffered from hunger, exhaustion or open wounds and injuries sustained during the gruelling journey that often covers thousands of miles and is filled with beatings and merciless abuse. Some cows had their tails broken and tobacco and hot chillies rubbed into their eyes in order to force them to keep moving.

PETA Australia’s Director of Campaigns, Jason Baker, has witnessed the cruelty firsthand. “When the cows eventually reach animal markets in Dhaka [the capital of Bangladesh], most are little more than walking skeletons”, he says. “Many are so weak that they have to be dragged to their slaughter. Some of them are skinned alive in front of other terrified animals.”

Many consumers have already turned their backs on leather after seeing the cruelty that PETA and their affiliates have helped expose. But we have to do more to help cows in India. Your support today will strengthen PETA’s increasingly successful work to promote cruelty-free fashion and help save cows’ and other animals’ lives.

If you haven’t done so yet, please also visit their website and download PETA’s cruelty-free shopping guide. This wonderful new guide will make your shopping easier – and will help countless cows, sheep, rabbits and other animals who are abused for their skins by the fashion industry. Then share the guide with your friends and family and help them save animals and acquire a more humane wardrobe. You can also take action by writing letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines regarding the cruelty of the global fashion industry.

Fashion should never be cruel. Together, we can end the terror of forced marches, routine abuse and bloody knives, which are the foundation of the leather industry!



2014-04-26 03.14.04 11398489621443

Sorry I haven’t written in a while guys!

I left for the US about a month ago, and the backpacking lifestyle didn’t give much opportunity to find a decent computer with WiFi!

I did however, do a whole range of ‘firsts’ that I can now cross off the bucket list.

After many years of wishful thinking I finally got the chance to go to Coachella! It was a wonderful three days of hypnotic beats, colourful garb, hazy air, the hot Californian sun, ethereal sculptures and daily feeds at the food stands.

It was also a learning curve in festival survival – sometimes comfort does override the need to look good! I’ve compiled a list of things to prepare for when going to such a festival, and I think I’ll publish it as a blog post in it’s own right in coming days.

After Coachella, it was a lot of sightseeing at Venice Beach, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Hollywood. I quickly learnt that much of my Australian vocab was lost in translation over in the States. When I asked for a side of chips I actually got the crunchy stuff you get in air tight packets – think Smith’s crinkle cuts. What I was supposed to ask for was ‘fries’. Also lemonade is the homemade stuff (freshly squeezed lemons with sugar and water) as opposed to Sprite. Nachos from the fast food outlets usually only come with melted cheese (the orange processed stuff) and no tomato salsa. Also they call coriander ‘Cilantro’ over there for some reason.

Though California encapsulated all that was care free, sun drenched and down-to-earth, my heart was won over by none other than New York itself.

It’s something about the old graveyards (the oldest headstone I found dated back to the 1700s) nestled between sky scrapers, the museums and art galleries, the never-ending parks (I tried walking the whole of Central park and only got half-way!) and the street vendors – little pockets of moments within the concrete jungle. I loved how architecture, history and culture all jumbled into one great city.

I was supposed to stay on for another month and travel to the Grand Canyon, see New Orleans, Memphis Washington D.C and so many more places but my heart (and wallet) got the better of me.

I missed my boyfriend and family too much, and my spending funds had hit an all time low (woops!).

Now that I’m back to reality and the grind of daily life, a schedule of frequent blog posts is definitely in order! I can’t wait to share my thoughts and ideas with you in the days to come – there’s a lot of interesting stuff planned!

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Fashion top guns say ‘No’ to Angora fur



After PETA Asia released its shocking undercover video footage showing how workers violently rip the hair out of angora rabbits’ writhing bodies, compassionate people around the world took action by donating to help fund the campaigns of PETA and their international affiliates, sharing the video footage with others, vowing not to wear angora again and contacting stores to demand that they stop selling angora products.


Designers and retailers listened, and the list of companies that have made changes is a long one. Here’s a summary of developments to date:

More than two dozen Australian designers, including George Wu, Alexi Freeman, Carly Hunter, Peter Alexander and Collette Dinnigan, have taken the compassionate step of banning angora rabbit wool from their clothing lines.

These international companies have gone all the way by immediately taking angora items off their shelves and promising not to use angora wool ever again: AllSaints, ASOS, Boden, Calvin Klein, Cheap Monday, COS, Mango, Monki and Tommy Hilfiger.

Although these companies are still selling existing angora stock, they have pledged to keep angora wool out of all future collections: Arcadia Group (which includes BHS, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topman, Topshop and Wallis), C&A, Coast, Debenhams, Fat Face, Forever 21, Gina Tricot, H&M, Hobbs, John Lewis, Lands’ End, Marks & Spencer, Muji, New Look, Next, Phase Eight, Primark, River Island, Ted Baker and Whistles.

And although these companies have not yet committed to keeping angora wool out of future collections, they have taken a vital first step by suspending its production for now: Esprit, French Connection, Gap Inc, Jaeger, Lindex, Monsoon and Accessorize, Oasis, Warehouse and Zara.

Style muse: Monochrome Minimalism



I am really loving the minimalism movement in fashion right now, and black and white has always been a staple choice. This look is perfect just for the fact that it can take you anywhere – from the street to a dinner date just by changing a few key details. The black and off-white colour blocking work well with the slim line of her pants and bulk of the jacket, and is detailed with delicate metals and the yellow accent of her glasses. Nothing too overpowering, but eye-catching in it’s simplicity.

Get the look:

Image source: Styletracker

China Southern Airlines announces it will “stop transporting live primates for laboratory experiments on all flights”




This morning I received an email from PETA Asia concerning a petition I had signed earlier this year. Thanks to animal lovers worldwide, our bid to stop China Southern Airlines transporting live primates for laboratory experiments has proved successful.

Following an intense, international PETA campaign, which included more than 100,000 calls and e-mails from supporters, China Southern Airlines announced in an e-mail to PETA U.S. that it will “stop transporting live primates for laboratory experiments on all flights”—effective immediately!

Prior to this announcement, China Southern was the only airline in China—and the only major carrier in the world other than Air France—still shipping primates to laboratories. Records show that in 2013, China Southern shipped more than 2,500 monkeys to laboratories in the U.S., where they were poisoned, infected, crippled, and mutilated in cruel experiments.

China Southern joins the growing list of airlines—including Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and United Airlines—that PETA and their affiliates have convinced to stop supporting this bloody trade. Air France is now the only major airline left that is willing to ship monkeys, so it will be extremely difficult and expensive for experimenters to get their hands on monkeys to torment. This means that more primates will remain in the wild with their families instead of being trapped and imprisoned at decrepit breeding farms and terrifying laboratories.

If you would like more information as to why animal experimentation doesn’t work, check out the Huffington Post three part series by Aysha Akhtar (M.D., M.P.H. Neurologist, public health specialist). She uses her academic knowledge and experience in the field to give us three main reasons as to why animal experiments should end.

You can read each article here:
Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3

Image source:  North Country Public Radio

Photoshoot for Prsnlefcts


thara 27colour

Here are some of my favourite shots from a shoot I did for prsnlefcts. Jason the photographer chose an empty rooftop car park as the location, with the sunset just beginning on the horizon. I love the soft lighting in the images teamed with strong shadows. The black and white images especially :)
thara 3 thara 5 thara 13 thara 14   thara 22colour thara 24colour thara 25 thara 25colour thara 27

Carrot Seed Oil



I’m really big on natural and organic products when it comes to skincare, and recently I’ve been trying to make my own creams and oils which I have found to be the best for my skin.

After a bit of research, Carrot Seed Oil has found itself on my ‘must use’ list as a winner in terms of a beauty super ingredient. Teeming with skin goodies like carotene and Vitamin A, as well as sun-protection properties it’s no surprise that Carrot Seed Oil is widely used in the beauty industry.

Also known as ‘Wild Carrot’ and ‘Queen Anne’s lace’, carrot seed oil is extracted from the seeds (not to be confused with a macerated oil made when people infuse the carrot material in a base oil). This beauty superhero has a sweet and pungent scent with fresh and herbaceous top notes but earthy, dry woody undertones, and has a golden amber appearance.

Health and beauty benefits:

– carrot seed oil contains carotene and vitamin A, so is great  for healthy skin, hair, gums and teeth
– relieves stress and exhaustion
– powerful detoxifier
– has high activity antioxidant properties
– the oil’s formative action on the epidermal cells helps to keep wrinkles at bay and is also helpful when fighting liver spots (age spots)
– assists in removing toxin and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance
– helps in the treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles
– aids dry skin and revitalises the basal layer of the skin
–  assists in circulation and aids muscular tension
–  useful for the treatment of hypertension and neurasthenia
– helps the pituitary gland to regulate the production of thyroxine and the release of ova (it is also said to ease PMT)
– has  a powerful tonic action on the liver and gall-bladder, and is used in the treatment of jaundice and other liver disorders
–  also associated with good eyesight

How to use Carrot Seed Oil

Take internally

Carrot seed oil has a detoxifying effect on the liver and helps to fight jaundice, while at the same time cleaning the digestive system and the body as a whole.

It is helpful for arthritis, gout, edema, rheumatism and the accumulation of toxins in muscles and joints and also strengthens the mucus membranes in the nose, throat and lungs. It has a beneficial effect on problems such as bronchitis and influenza.

Carrot Seed relieves fluid retention and can be beneficial in cases of anorexia. It also revitalises and tones the skin, helping in cases of dermatitis, eczema and rashes.

As a vapour

Carrot seed oil can be used in vapour therapy for relieving stress, boosting the liver, the digestive and respiratory systems, as well as for muscle pains. It does not have an over-powering smell, but this earthy smell will help to “ground” a person while fighting stress and exhaustion.

Apply externally

As a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, carrot seed oil can assist with muscle pains and in boosting the respiratory tract. It can be used to detoxify the body and boost the manufacture of red blood cells.

Carrot seed oil blends well with other oils including Bergamot, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Cedarwood, Geranium as well as all citrus and spicy oils.


Carrot Seed should definitely be avoided in pregnancy.

Those suffering from epilepsy and asthma should also avoid Carrot Seed as it is very stimulating. In general epilepsy sufferers should avoid burning essential oils or working closely with them as they can trigger severe reactions.

Carrot Seed can be very useful in respiratory problems however overdosing can cause convulsions and vomiting, so use with care.

DIY Recipes for you to try

A carrot facial pack is very effective for facial skin restoration and revives the skin immediately after use. This is due to the carotene contained in carrots – carotene is a component that contributes to the colour of the carrot and once it is absorbed into our body, it turns into Vitamin A. It also functions to prevent further skin problems by forming a skin protective films to maintain balance for our skin.

Precaution: Like any skincare product, be sure to patch test the mask on yourself to ensure that negative reactions do not occur. If you ever feel any discomfort or irritation after you’ve applied the mask, wash it off immediately with warm water.

Carrot, Lemon and Olive oil Face Mask

1. Peel and steam carrots. Peel one large carrot and steam or boil until tender (when a fork can easily pierce through it, it’s ready). Mash the carrot with a fork or masher until it’s a creamy consistency.

2. Mix in honey and extra virgin olive oil. Mix in half a tablespoon of honey and half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. If your skin is oily, you may omit the extra virgin olive oil.

3. Add a few drops of lemon juice. Your skin type will depend on the amount of lemon juice you add in (lemon juice is a natural astringent, so the oilier your skin, the more lemon you want in your mask). If you have dry skin, add about 8 drops of lemon and if you have oily skin, add up to 1 tablespoon.

4. Check consistency. The mixture shouldn’t be too clumpy or too runny. If the mix is too thick, you can add in a bit more extra virgin olive oil or water to thin it out. You can add a bit more honey to the mix to give it a thicker, paste-like texture.

5. Cool down. Let the mixture cool down so that the temperature is comfortable on your skin.

6. Mask time. Apply the carrot mask onto a clean and bare face, even your neck if you wish, but avoid the eye and mouth area. Leave it on for 10 -15 minutes and wash it off with warm water afterwards. Pat dry and follow up with your favorite moisturizer or eye cream.

Carrot and Coconut Oil Face Mask

1. Roughly chop 1 carrot (washed with top removed) into 5 or so chunks

2. Bring about 1″ of water to a boil in a sauce pan. Add carrots, reduce heat to low, cover and steam for 8-10 minutes

3. Drain water and add carrots to food processor or blender. Add 1 tbsp. coconut oil and blend until smooth, like a puree

4. Wash face with olive oil or regular cleanser

5. Apply face mask to face, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Allow to set about 15-20 minutes

6. Wash face with warm water, and gently wipe off any remaining bits with a wash cloth.

8. If you need a moisturizer, apply a little coconut oil or olive oil.

Carrot and Avocado Face Mask

1. Peel two to three large carrots and slice them into small rounds. Boil the carrots in a small pot until they’re easily pierced with a fork. Drain the water away and pour the cooked carrot slices into a small bowl.

2. Mash the carrots thoroughly with a fork.

3. Mix up to 4 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil with the carrots, 1/2 tablespoon at a time, until the mixture has reached a smooth, creamy consistency. Add spoonfuls of the avocado as you go along as well. If you prefer a slightly different consistency, simply adjust the amount of oil to suit your preference.

4. Wait until the mask has cooled sufficiently to apply, and then smooth it onto your skin. Leave it in place for about 10 minutes; rinse it off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

Sources: and article by Kelly Campolo, President of South Beach Sun Co. The Company. Image by Torey Wahlstrom of bramble pie

Tried and tested: Brown Skin Secrets Hydrating System



Being a brown gal in a white-dominated culture such as Australia has its cons when it comes to beauty products. Shopping for make-up leaves me frustrated as most shades don’t go any darker than ‘Beige’ or ‘Tan’, and skincare ranges usually cater for lighter skin-tones that target things such as freckles or gradual tanning – things that don’t really relate to me.

When I looked to companies overseas, many of the skincare ranges emphasized the need to ‘lighten’ and ‘whiten’ skin rather than care for the natural beauty dark women already had. A lot of Asian countries I have found, including India and Sri Lanka, have a white-preference attitude when it comes to beauty which unfortunately disregards the need for nurture and care, and focuses more on bleaching and whitening – things that I don’t relate to either.

So I was stuck in beauty rut, so-to-speak.

When I heard about Brown Skin Secrets, I was optimistic because of the fact that it was made by someone who understood my frustrations. It wasn’t some white-male CEO in a top-notch company in New York, but rather it was an Anglo-Indian woman from Australia.

Founder, Lynn Ross was a HR professional turned beauty expert who created Brown Skin Secrets after suffering from adult acne, scarring, pigmentation and sunspots. After a lack of results and extensive trials with existing products on the market, Brown Skin Secrets was born.

“A few years ago my skin broke down, and it really affected my self-confidence, both personally and professionally,” Lynn said.

“After trying numerous products and failing to find something suitable, I knew there had to be a better solution”, she added.

Using herself as a case study, researching her own skin type and speaking with focus groups from sub-continental and Asian origins, as well as other nationalities, Lynn learned the specific demands of darker skin and the need for a different skincare approach.

“On a cellular level, darker skin heals and ages differently to other skin types, I wanted to create a tailored skincare range to accommodate these needs, and it was important that we offered a natural alternative,” she said.

Lynn’s words apply to my skin situation on so many levels, as it does with many of my brown skin friends, so I was looking forward to trying out the Brown Skin Secrets range for myself. Having a combination of dry to normal skin, I opted for the Hydrating System a three piece pack comprising of a Milk Cleanser, Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant and Hydrating Moisturiser (Brown Skin Secrets also caters for those of you with oily/combination skin with their Balancing System).

Milk Cleanser

This ultra refreshing milk formula cleanses the skin without over drying it. A unique blend of key ingredients including Cucumber, Rose Hip, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum, work to leave the skin feeling luxuriously soft and supple.

The milky texture is ideal for cleansing and protecting delicate, mature or dry skin, while gently cleansing the skin of impurities and light make-up. Within a week of using it I noticed that it helped to even out my complexion, especially the horrible problem area around my chin and mouth. I also like the fact that it was made from non-comedogenic ingredients thus it did a good job of not blocking my pores!

Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant

Regular exfoliation is an important part of maintaining healthy skin. This gentle exfoliant contains pink clay and jojoba beads to help refine skin texture.

I used this every second day following my Milk Cleanser. The pink clay absorbs and draws impurities from the skin, whilst the non-abrasive jojoba beads work to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal radiant complexion. Regular use of the exfoliant left my skin glowing with a fresh zing to it.

Because of my skin’s dry tendencies it usually lacks vitality and ends up looking quite grey and dull. Most scrubs I used in the past were too harsh for my skin and ended up leaving my face red, raw and stinging. This product was gentle enough to stimulate and even out my complexion without any harsh reactions. A big thumbs up!

Hydrating Moisturiser

Hallelujah for a light moisturiser that does it’s job! So many times have I been torn between lightweight creams that leave my skin dry, or heavy-weight creams that creates an oil spill on my face. This is an easily absorbed hydrating formula, with a unique combination of Kakadu Plum, Rosehip, Soy, Manuka Honey, Chamomile and Vitamin B3, C & E, that work at a cellular level to promote healthy, supple skin. My skin was soft to touch with zero flakiness, and no T-zone sheen either. Perfect.


A must for Couturing readers of all shades. Suitable for men and women, and even those with extremely sensitive skin, the line assists in balancing, hydrating, clarifying and brightening darker skin tones, as well as reducing signs of premature ageing such as surface pigmentation and wrinkles.

Can you still use the Brown Skin Secrets range, even if you do not have brown skin? Of course!

The range has been developed to target the general characteristics of brown skin. However, this does not limit its use to other skin types. The range contains naturally and organically derived ingredients without the chemicals that are still effective for other skin types/colours, including lighter skin tones.

The products are certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia and are free from chemicals, mineral oils, nasty parabens and sulphates, artificial colours or fragrances and are not tested on animals. Not to mention they support Australian agriculture and manufacturing, by sourcing and producing the range locally.

The Brown Skin Secrets range is available online at, shipping worldwide. Products are priced from $24.95, with sample packs available from $5.00.

Keep yourself in the loop:

Instagram @brownskinsecrets

Twitter @brownskinsecret

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White flower green stone



I am really loving playsuits at the moment, and this white floral mini from Shakuhachi fits the bill.

Being on the short side (5’2″ haha) mini versions of skirts, dresses and playsuits are usually my go-to because they make my legs look longer than they are and creates the illusion of length.

I’ve kept with the theme of minimal jewellery by sticking to one necklace – a raw green quartz pendant on a simple metal chain. Soft green and white work great together and I’m loving the power combo here with the mixture of textures – rough rock with soft lace-like floral.

Also wearing ‘Suzie’ platform sandals by Windsor Smith.

IMG_4759smallerIMG_4761IMG_4757 IMG_4748 IMG_4746 IMG_4744  IMG_4738  IMG_4771 IMG_4768IMG_4769

Is Your Beauty Worth the Lives of 11.5 Million Innocent Animals?


*** Re-post of Care2 article by Jessica Ramos ***


When a woman whose main job requirement is to be beautiful expresses that animal testing for  the sake of vanity is wrong, you have to wonder what lawmakers were  thinking.

The controversy surrounding animal testing for cosmetic and personal products  always brings out passions. Do you remember the Urban Decay backlash when they wanted to sacrifice  their cruelty-free standing in order to enter the Chinese market (where animal  testing was required by law) and the second wave of backlash when they sold to  L’Oréal? While L’Oréal insists that it is committed to ending  animal testing, they do admit to making exceptions where animal testing is  required by law. They also have a history of not being totally  transparent.

If the United States’ Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013  (SCPCPA) goes into effect, then cue more passionate backlash.

11.5 million animals will be tortured, and, most likely, killed for the  safety of your vanity.

L’Oréal always reminds us that we are ‘worth it,’ but aren’t those 11.5  million animals’ lives worth it, too?

The Ugly of SCPCPA

A peer-reviewed article, published in ALTEX, found that SCPCPA wouldn’t be good  for businesses or the animals. Over the course of a decade, cosmetic and  personal care companies would be required to shell out between $1.7 and $9  billion to perform the new tests under the Act. Meanwhile, the present worldwide  cost of animal testing is $54 million per year, or $540 million over a 10-year  span.

According to a Leaping Bunny press release, over a 10-year period, “11.5  million animals would be required to test and retest finished products and  ingredients for safety.” The authors estimate that there are currently 27,000  cosmetic tests performed worldwide annually, or 270,000 over a 10-year span.

In the Leaping Bunny press release, Jean Knight, a co-author of the  peer-reviewed article, explained that the language, or jargon, of the Act “can’t  be easily understood unless you have some background in toxicology, so the  impact was flying under the radar.” Ironically, many Leaping Bunny certified  companies were initially in favor of the Act.

On a more practical note, the evaluative article also highlighted the cost  and time inadequacies of the Act. As the Leaping Bunny summary explains, the authors of the ALTEX  article note how, “Even under optimal conditions, the number of ingredients to  receive evaluations would be 10,000, a little over half of the ingredients  likely in use in 10 years.” The authors also explain how holding on to archaic  animal testing practices hinders the development of alternatives that would  speed up the efficacy of current animal tests and spare the lives of millions of  innocent animals in the process.

The Beauty of the World

How does SCPCPA make any business sense? Let’s consider the countries that  have banned, started banning, and/or are open to creating  and implementing cruelty-free alternatives:

You see where this is going? Cosmetic animal testing is increasingly becoming  an unpopular trend across the globe. The United States would lose a competitive  advantage by reinvigorating dated practices.

Consumers Get it

In 2013, The Humane Society of the United States  (HSUS) shared nationwide poll results related to animal testing for cosmetic  use. Their findings found that 67 percent of Americans were against cosmetic  animal testing.

Another poll result highlight is that while the majority , 68 percent to be  exact, were aware that cosmetics were tested on animals, 70 percent, of the 802  voters, believed that cosmetic animal testing should be illegal.

Some Brands Get it Too

Brands that listen to their customers know that the demand for cruelty-free  products is real. Urban Decay sort of listened by not going to China and  remaining cruelty-free, but they did sell their company to L’Oréal, in the  end.

At the same time, Lush Cosmetics, a company committed to ethical and  cruelty-free products, issued their China stance claiming that they wouldn’t  enter the Chinese market until China’s mandatory animal testing law is “changed  out-right.”

Yes, it’s the same Lush Cosmetics that made headlines with their live human  animal testing demonstration.

Whatever became of Lush Cosmetics?

As The International News Magazine reports (as  of January 28, 2014),”With 910 stores in 50 countries, we [Lush Cosmetics] are  delighted with an overall increase in our global sales of +17.6% for the same 5  week period (+11.4% LFL) with global highlights being North America (+21% LFL)  and Australia (+35% LFL).”

I hope that other brands will see that nothing too horrible will happen if  they take, and keep, a stance. Hopefully, brands (and the minds behind the  SCPCPA) will also see Lush Cosmetics’ North American ‘highlight’ — hint,  hint.

If you don’t want your favorite brand to support SCPCPA, then let them know.  It’s safe to say that you’ve probably invested more in their brand than the  SCPCPA.

Your dollar, your vote. Your vote, one more innocent life saved.

That seems worth it to me. What about you?

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STYLE MUSE: Olivia Irene



Today’s post is dedicated to my current blogger style muse, the gorgeous Oliva Irene.

I love this outfit because of the simplicity and use of layering.  The white colour blocking mixed with warm metallics and animal fur texture (faux fur of course!) ticks all the right boxes :)

She says “I don’t like to label my style. I like to wear whatever the hell I want, when I want whether it means incorporating thrifted pieces with designer labels to the grocery store or to an elaborate event in San Francisco. Clothing shouldn’t make you, you should make the clothing and allow it to compliment you.” Check out more of her great outfit inspiration at

005 003006

Let’s get plaid



So here is a bit of a more casual outfit post for you guys.

I’m a little late jumping onto the plaid bandwagon, but I couldn’t go past this piece. The shirt is actually my sister’s but she was kind enough to let me borrow it – it’s an op-shop find that I think makes a great addition to any wardrobe.

It’s versatile enough to be thrown over an outfit as a cardigan-type piece, or wrapped around the waist to create a 90s look. I really like the soft blue hue too!

Worn here with black skort, Lovisa three chain geometric necklace, and high-neck black crop top from Jay Jays.





IMG_4457 IMG_4459


IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4464 IMG_4467


Orange You Glad



Orange, the colour that apparently symbolizes youthful impulsiveness, and more importantly for me it is one of the few colours that really suit my skin tone.

This outfit features one of my favourites – May the label, in which both top and skirt were purchased at their warehouse sale a few months ago.

A perfect combo for a warm summer night out xx

Perfect Stranger



A simple black number – the “Perfect Stranger” dress- by Keepsake. The back is my favourite part of the dress, I love how there are two sets of straps, one for my shoulders and one that crosses behind me. The skirt also has a bit of a flounce which is perfect for a party. I’ve teamed the dress with a vintage necklace that belonged to my mother. An oldschool gold metal choker with a black bead in the middle, made by Stone ‘N’ String.

IMG_4249 IMG_4252 IMG_4253 IMG_4255 IMG_4258 IMG_4268 IMG_4266  IMG_4276




Melbourne boys Tim Ischia and Hugh Middleton blend classical music with modern hip-hop to bring you Boyeur. I sit down with the pop-duo to find out what makes their music tick.

THARA (T): So just who or what is Boyeur?

HUGH AND TIM (H+T): Boyeur is the result of an ongoing musical relationship between the two of us.

T: What type of music do you guys work with? Who are your influences?

H+T: We make indie pop tunes, but they’re pretty heavily laden with classical strings and hip hop beats. Could we call it “Clip-Clop”? We’re most influenced by the staples of those genres – Jay-Z, Kanye, Coldplay – as well as the great composers and performers of chamber music (and some of the weird ones…).

T: What made you want to start Boyeur? What lead to the conception, and what were you doing before it began?

H+T: We’ve been friends for a long time, and have very similar musical tastes. It was very easy to start making music together. For about a year before Boyeur came about, we experimented with writing music and lyrics, arranging and recording, posting everything on a blog. It was really important to have that experience with no boundaries, and be able to see the types of things we gravitated towards.

T: Tell us a bit about what you’re working on now.

H+T: We’re just finishing up an EP that will be released in 2014. It’s our debut release, so you won’t be able to get your hot little hands on anything else just yet (unfortunately!) but we’re super excited to be almost ready to share these tunes with everyone. has all the means to keep in touch.

T: What do you hope to achieve for Boyeur in the future?

H+T: We just want a lot of people to hear our music. That’s all. We’ve got something new to say, so it’s exciting to be able to put that out there.

Stay in the loop with Boyeur by following them on Twitter @boyeurmusic and Facebook

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Daisy Chains


mirror image

Well it’s Boxing Day (where did the year go??) and here is a very summery outfit in honour of the warmer weather that is befalling us down under, featuring Pemba Boutique‘s Daisy Jayne Top and Shorts, and Oakley ‘Frogskin’ sunnies. I can’t get enough of reflector lenses at the moment! It’s such a bold statement for this current season that definitely suits the bright colours of summer. What are your thoughts?

Season’s greetings to you all, and I hope you are cherishing these moments with your family and loved ones xxxx

IMG_4151edit IMG_4155edit IMG_4171smalleredit edit1


The Embers



Today marks two weeks of living at home by myself. My family have gone overseas for the month and have left me to hold fort (and look after our two fur babies, Misty and Casper).

This has given me a lot of spare time to think about what I can accomplish these holidays before I either start work/go overseas/change my mind and go back to study.

A friend and I have planned to sell some of out pre-owned, vintage and handmade wares at a local market next week which should be exciting!

So most of my time lately has been taken up by making and refurbishing, pricing and packing. This will be my first time selling items at an actual physical stall (my business prowess has not expanded past my etsy store) so this learning experience should be interesting!

In this outfit post, I am wearing The Embers top and skirt in cream bouquet by Cameo, which I bought at The Birdcage Boutique. I am in love with the bright floral print and the black netting. The layering is subtle but makes an impact nonetheless. I’ve teamed the look with a vintage faux leather clutch which was once my mother’s (before I claimed it) and my Windsor Smith prom heels which I am utterly addicted to.


IMG_3950edit   IMG_3954edit IMG_3956edit IMG_4049edit IMG_4052edit IMG_4054edit

INTERVIEW: Eugenie Meeker of !!!!!




The brain-child behind !!!!! (Five Exclamation Marks), Eugenie Meeker has already set herself as a name to watch in the Melbourne fashion scene.

Meshing psychedelic fantasy with a sprinkle of unicorn dust, Meeker’s new Autumn 2014 collection  – I’ll Be Your Majik – brings together all the pop-tastic goodness of the 90s era whilst giving a modern edge through futuristic accents and modern appeal.

I sit down with Meeker to channel the designer’s out-of-world brilliance.

Thara (T): How did Five Exclamation Marks begin? What was behind the conception?

Eugenie (E): I dreamt of starting my own brand when I was interning in Los Angeles last year.  It seemed the right thing to continue being in an immensely creative and satisfying work environment.  The name came about as I really liked the way all the exclamation marks looked as a logo when I was trying to register my business name. I was really drawn to the idea of having symbols rather than words, as I’m more a person of visuals rather than words.

T: Describe the !!!!! girl.

E: Cool, progressive, creative, independent

T: What does your customer look for when shopping your label and what do you provide that sets you apart from the others?

E: Comfort, function, versatility, innovation. My brand offers high quality, unique and versatile pieces that are produced locally at an affordable price point.

T: Tell us a bit about your background and studies at the RMIT Fashion school. What valuable lessons did you learn? What experiences did you encounter?

E: I’ve always been interested in making clothes and started doing so in primary school as I wanted to look cool and my parents wouldn’t buy me clothes but they would buy me endless amounts of fabric.  Both my mum and grandma are killer sewers; mum made dad’s tailored work shirts and grandma made everything in her wardrobe; she even had sushi print kimonos, a metallic holographic cape and lingerie that she made.

I ended up studying Fine Art Photography at RMIT first but then was too obsessed with fashion so worked on a killer folio to get in to the competitive course. The 3 year degree equipped me with discipline, the skills to problem solve and mainly how to design collections.  I learnt that you just can’t think about things too much and you just have to go for it and to not take notice too much of what the other students are’s just uni after all.

T: What have you learnt during you journey since starting up Five Exclamation Marks?

E: To stay strong in your aesthetic and ideas and to not be too self-conscious about what you’re doing and to listen, really listen to what people are wanting.


T: What setbacks have you encountered?

E: Ha ha ummmm….machine issues, tension! Um money and time, never enough time! Wanting to do so many things but on a small budget.

T: What positive experiences have you encountered?

E: I have felt really supported by all my friends and colleagues and it has made me really excited about establishing the brand. That even in business there are really humble and non-corrupt people out there and are willing to go that extra mile to provide a service.

T: You have stated that !!!!! produces locally with the upmost integrity and quality. Why do you think this is important?

E: It’s important to oversee the production and make sure it’s up to scratch.  I’m really interested in employing people locally and being apart of the process.  I’m not interested in fashion to rip people off or become rich and famous as that stupid association of being a fashion designer, but to make long lasting, trans seasonal and trans functional pieces.  I want consumers to be able to rely on my quality of fabric and finish.  There’s nothing more disappointing than spending say $200 on a designer top online to then get it and see the fit is wrong, the fabric is cheap and the finish isn’t the standard it should be.  That show’s no integrity.

T: What is the inspiration behind “I’ll Be Your Majik”?

E: AW2014 I’ll Be Your Majik brings together fantasy references in conjunction with clean design lines and basic garment types to create stylish yet magical pieces. Function, comfort and quality fabrics are finely engineered to emphasise the magical elements that have been represented through screen printing, colour palette and embellishment.  References include She-Ra, Sailor Moon and The Childlike Empress.  The title comes from one of Def Fx’s songs, who were a psychedelic rock band from the mid 90’s.

T: What have you planned for !!!!! in the future? What do you hope to achieve?

E: I will be collaborating on an online store with a bunch of emerging designers for LMFF, which is exciting! Possibly collaborating on an exhibition with an amazing fashion illustrator. So many possibilities!  I hope to have a comfortable place within the Australian fashion industry so I never have to work in a call centre/alterations/retail job EVER again.

 !!!!! is having an exhibition coming up on 12th December at Cyclone Gallery. Check out their website for more details.

Images courtesy of Model: Naömi Esméralda.


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Beauty prep for the party season


As we emerge weary eyed from winter hibernation, the warm weather that greets us is a clear reminder that party season is upon us. It’s that time of year for bare shoulders and short hemlines, but don’t go revealing that post-winter flakiness just yet. I bring you the top tips for party season beauty prep that will make you the talk of the night.

Woman Washing FaceGET THAT GLOW

Wake up your skin with stimulation and exfoliation. Over the counter scrubs help, but you’ll need to bring out the big guns if you want the blood and lymph flow that really enhances the skin’s tone. Before a bath, use a mildly abrasive sponge to buff your face, and use fingertips to pat around your eyes in a circular movement. Then pat the skin dry and apply a mask – the steam from the bath will make it absorb well. After rinsing, apply moisturiser and primer immediately to seal in the warmth and keep skin plump and glowing. Be vigilant with your skincare routine. Cleanse morning and night using a face washer to take off the cleanser. Use a vitamin A cream at night – it repairs the skin – and for the daytime, use a Vitamin C serum for an antioxidant boost. Avoid puffy eyes by making sure you sleep on an elevated pillow. If you lie flat when you sleep, fluid can pool around your eyes and puff them up.



Warm balmy nights means your pins will be seeing a lot more of the world this summer. Keep the skin around your thigh area toned by starting a routine in the bathroom: the right bath soak, a great body cream and a rough loofah can work wonders on a body that’s had too many lazy days. Areas noteworthy of special treatment include knees, upper arms, muffin top, hips, thighs and ankles. With regular scrubbing you’ll start to see a difference in the texture and tone of the skin. We love the all-natural coffee scrub FRANK. Another simple way to enhance skin tone is to spritz yourself from head to foot with intermittent blasts of warm and cool water, as this causes an increase in blood flow and circulation.healthy foodEAT WELL

We’ve all heard it before but I’ll say it again – beauty is always achieved inside first. That congested or sluggish feeling you get when you haven’t been eating from the bottom of the food pyramid will show on the outside. A washed-out complexion, dull eyes and a bloated stomach are just a few of the signs. Avoid this by eating and supplementing to restore your acid-alkaline balance and your energy. Mineral water and oat bran flush impurities through your liver – try sprinkling oat bran on your cereal. Three other system saviours are chia seeds (a rich source of Omega 3 oils that are beneficial to your skin), spirulina (an excellent source of protein and vitamin B12), and symprove (a powerful multi-strain probiotic that works really well to restore acid-alkaline balance). To achieve tone you need to cut out processed and energy-dense foods. Start the day with some quality, low-GI bread with egg, avocado and tomato. Snack on fresh fruit or vegetables, nuts or natural yoghurt through the day, and stick to lean proteins and vegetables for lunch and dinner.  Remember to also keep hydrated. You need to be drinking at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day, and even more if you’re exercising. Cut out coffee and opt for green tea or fresh vegetable juice instead.exercise bigSHAPE UP

Summer is also a great time to get back into your fitness routine. Combine cardio with strength training for a great workout that will tone your bod for party season. Another hot tip is to choose what you’re wearing then sculpt your body around it – for a dress that shows off your legs; squats, lunges and step-ups are great, and running will also tone up your quads and hamstrings. For sleeveless or back-baring dresses; push-ups and tricep dips are excellent.USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Young woman testing perfume. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.SMELL FRESH

Warm temperatures are notorious for changing your favourite perfume into an overly strong odour. It’s a good idea to switch to a lighter, alcohol-free formulations once the temperature rises.



If you can help it, always opt for the fake tan. Solariums and sun baking have high health risks that far outweigh the benefits, and we all know looking after our skin will reap the best results. With fake tanning, always remember the golden rules;  exfoliate to remove dead skin cells as it is the key to a streak-free tan, and after you apply your self-tanner (and make sure you’ve covered every single patch of skin), make sure to wash your hands to avoid stained palms. If it’s the first time you’ve tried fake tanning, get it done by a specialist first so that you can avoid any potential disasters, as well as having a pro to answer all your questions before you try it yourself.stk68169corNOURISH YOUR LOCKS

Protect your hair from sun damage by using a leave-in conditioner or mask, as the sun can’t penetrate through the product as easily. Doing this during the day when you’re out and about will ensure soft and luscious locks at nightfall when it’s time to party. For coloured hair choose deep-conditioning treatments that contain pigment deposits to boost colour, and use once a week.nails BIGNAIL IT

Traditional manicures generally only last 4 days and for us modern-day busy babes, the occasional wear and tear of everyday life reduces this lifespan even more.  To achieve long-lasting pointers that stand the test of time, try shellac nails – they last about 10 days. After you get them done, use plenty of cuticle oil plus nail hardening varnish during the day to keep your nails healthy, strong and hydrated.wax2


Get your eyebrows shaped the day before an event, as perfect brows make all the difference. Couturing loves Brow Theory, where professional threaders give you perfect brows without the pain and damage caused by waxing. If you also want to get some waxing done on your body, exfoliate 24 hours before as this helps remove dead skin and lifts shorter hairs making them easier to grip for a smoother finish.

Images by Getty Images. First published on

Neon Blooms



Introducing the first of my many purchases from the May warehouse sale – this amazing Sara Phillips dress. It must have been fate because it was the only one of it’s kind hanging on the rails and it was my perfect size! The girls at the counter said so many others had tried it on but it wouldn’t fit, so it was a miracle that someone’s leaving with it at all.

I have to say the first time I tried it myself I couldn’t get the zip up so I put it back. But wading through the rest of the sale dresses, my kept gazing longingly at it. The silk material, the bright neon roses, the cinched waist and poofy skirt – it was all so lovely. So I grabbed it a second time and tried it on once more, committing to getting the zip done up. And voila, I must have been really eager cause it worked!

I’ve teamed this dress with one of my handmade flower crowns (available in my etsy store). This one was inspired by Frida Kahlo and her iconic head dress style. This particular one has just been sold, but there will be plenty more coming in store very soon!

IMG_3892   IMG_3884  IMG_3844
IMG_3909IMG_3915IMG_3901 IMG_3899

INTERVIEW: Andrew Pan from Square Heart


Square Heart AW14 Collection shirt

Paying homage to natural landscapes and the female form, Square Heart is an up-and-coming, home-grown label that is set to take the world by storm.

Couturing writer Thara Vidyaratne sits downs with creative director Andrew Pan, and talks about the beginnings of Square Heart and what’s in store for the future.
Check out Square Heart’s new campaign video for their ‘After Light’ Collection here.

Thara: How did Square Heart start?

Andrew: The idea of Square Heart had come up during a conversation I had with my friends and I. As many of my friends are musicians, graphics designers, and fashion designers, they all seemed to be facing the same problem; there just isn’t a lot out there to support young upcoming talent in a palpable way.

I have always followed the fashion industry from when I was young. I personally believe that fashion is the perfect vehicle for collaboration with other mediums of creativity. This includes music, film, and art. So it was a natural inclination for me that I wanted to start a clothing line that embodies this belief, and in doing so, support young local talent.
Whilst this is the DNA of Square Heart, we also believe that fashion is a form of self expression. Fashion both transforms and reflects the wearer, and this is why I love the industry. Therefore, it was also important that our lead fashion designer had to share the same passion. Square Heart became something special when award-winning fashion designer, Sonya Kraan, came aboard. Her meticulous craftsmanship and lateral thinking was exactly what we needed.

T: What were you doing before its conception?

A: Prior to Square Heart’s conception, I was a radiographer working about 6-7 days a week as well as doing on-call work for a local private hospital. Now that Square Heart is in operation, I have reduced my shifts in order to be more hands-on.

Square Heart AW14 Campaign blazer - Copy

T: What is Square Heart bringing to the Melbourne fashion scene?

A: Square Heart is decidedly a pretty edgy take on the preppy style. The word preppy is used to describe the culture of the more elite schools in the United States. When we were at the early stage of the drawing board, I did a little more research into this subculture and was immediately drawn to its history and its impact on fashion. In short words, my interpretation of ‘preppy’ was that these kids who came from these elite schools would often be proud to wear their uniforms; proud of its school and their affiliation with it. And that is essentially what we, at Square Heart, want our customers to feel. To wear our clothes proudly and know that we are working hard with young Australian talent.
So what is Square Heart bringing to the Melbourne fashion scene? We are pushing forward a brand that isn’t afraid to try something different, whilst trying to stay grounded to our roots. A modern twist on an old classic, essentially.

T: How would you describe the Square Heart girl?

A: The way we have always described the Square Heart girl when we were at the drawing board was that she was ‘confidently feminine’. She is a girl that carries herself with such poise and bravado. She’s the girl that is certain of herself and leaves her doubters behind in the dust. Square Heart’s collection, After Light, is a personification of this girl.

Square Heart AW14 Campaign dress - Copy

T: What drew you to the work of Shintaro Ohata? How does he reflect the Square Heart aesthetic – or vice versa?

A: Shintaro Ohata’s geometric art is so compelling that I was a fan of his work prior to Square Heart’s conception. I love how depending on where the viewer is in relation to his art piece, they are experiencing something viscerally different. So when we were at the point of deciding on a colour palette for the collection, my mind went instantly thought of Shintaro Ohata. We wanted his artistic presence in our collection to be subtle. An example of this is when we used different gradients of purple for our desert print, much like Shintaro Ohata did in his ‘The End of the Beginning” piece. We wanted to incorporate this subtleness into our prints because we believe that is how Shintaro Ohata conveys emotion and story in his pieces.

T: You say that the collection includes prints that consist of photographs of the Nevada desert – were these taken by you on your own travels? What was the reason behind choosing the Nevada desert?

A: The photograph of the Nevada desert was actually taken by Sonya, our fashion designer, on her travels through Las Vegas. Previous to her trip, I also travelled through the US extensively. So in regards to why we chose to use the Nevada desert in our prints? We just thought it would be a beautiful homage to both our individual travels.

Square Heart AW14 Collection

T: What was it like making a fashion film for your first campaign? Had you ever done something like that before?

A: Honestly, it was one of the most intense experiences I have ever gone through. Prior to the filming, I was unaware of how much planning and coordination was involved in a 5-6 hour shoot. Admittedly, I was biting my lip in hope that it was going to go smoothly. When approaching a fashion film maker to run your campaign, you are giving them stewardship to make your vision come to life. Thankfully, I was able to work with Hinny Tran, who quickly resonated with what our brand was and understood what we were trying to achieve. Throughout the day, he would sometimes stop, look at me and ask “How’s it going, bud?” for me to simply reply “..nervous, man”. Then we would laugh, and he would reassure me that everything is running just fine and the video would be great. Hinny is a great fashion film maker and it was awesome to get to work with him.

T: What do you hope to achieve with Square Heart in the near future and beyond?

A: With Square Heart, we really want to get as much reach as possible. We want to get our collection out there and have it be seen, worn, and talked about. Anyone in the fashion industry knows this isn’t an easy and approachable industry, so we are working hard to get there.
We also want to see all the people we have worked with make it big in their respective field, like Daniel Archer (our photographer) or Hinny Tran. Everyone we have had the pleasure to have worked with have been amazing and they deserve all the success in the world.

Images courtesy of Square Heart

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Be Still



So today is November 25th, a day that means quite a few things for me;

– It’s the day I met my boyfriend exactly two years ago at The Rochester Castle hotel. He asked me to dance and from there it was history :)
– There’s less than two weeks left til I find out my final uni results (eeeekk!)
– There’s exactly one month to go til xmas!

All in all, this month has been pretty perfect in terms of no more classes, (mostly) sunny days, catching up with friends and sleeping in on most mornings haha.

I am wearing: Be Still shorts by Cameo, grey tube neck top from Glassons, boater hat from ASOS, vintage green handbag from my etsy store


Sunday Funday



Lately I’ve become a fan of white pieces in outfits, and the shade has certainly started to infiltrate my otherwise black-based wardrobe. For this outfit, I decided to team my white wrap skirt with blue accents to balance the look – and being a sucker for floral print I opted for one of my favourite op shop finds, my blue rose print tank :)

I am wearing Finder’s Keepers ‘Willing To Wait’ Skirt, thrift shop tank with blue rose print, Windsor Smith’s ‘Prom’ heels, Lovisa ring set, and vintage sequined handbag I stole from my mum’s closet.

IMG_3712 IMG_3717 IMG_3724 IMG_3726 IMG_3729

Stop Katy Perry from using elephants as props


EXCL perez hilton birthday party inside 280310

The following is from the PETA Asia-Pacific Team’s Action Alert Newsletter.

We need your help to stop Katy Perry from using elephants as props! PETA US tried reaching out privately to Katy to ask her to change her ways – first after she rode an elephant into a gossip blogger’s birthday party, then again after her latest music video, “Roar”, featured an elephant, among other wild animals. Katy is standing behind the American Humane Association’s (AHA) certification that the elephant wasn’t beaten on the set, but she knows that the AHA doesn’t concern itself with how the wild animals are cruelly captured and trained.

Use your voice and help animals now by urging Katy Perry never to use elephants again.For animals used for entertainment, there is nothing glamorous about being in show business. They typically live chained or isolated in small, filthy cages and are deprived of physical and mental stimulation. Behind the scenes, trainers force them to perform under the constant threat of physical punishment.

Now, to make matters worse, fans are creating their own versions of “Roar” and even attempting to rent animals such as tigers for their own projects.

We were hopeful that Katy would follow the lead of Pink and other artists who have vowed to stop using animals in their videos after seeing how animals are forced to perform painful and unnatural tricks for “entertainment”.

Katy Perry needs to hear from her fans to see that performing with elephants is not acceptable and that doing so condones the abuse of these animals.

Image source:


Violets & Ivy



After quite a few cold and grey days, the sun showed itself once again here in Melbourne.

Embracing my inner flower child I sat in the sun shoeless, and wore a simple white baby-doll dress that I borrowed from my sister’s wardrobe teamed with one of my handmade flower crowns – available at my etsy store.

Matching this ensemble was a gorgeous art-deco inspired vintage pendant and earring set I found during one of my op-shop ventures.

This too will be added to the store soon!

Stay tuned :) xx

IMG_3475 IMG_3476 IMG_3480 IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487

STYLE MUSE: Michelle Phillips


Along with Jean Shrimpton, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin. another 70s style icon that makes my list is the lovely Michelle Phillips.

One of the singers from The Mamas and the Papas (check out my favourite song by the band, ‘California Dreaming‘), not only is she talented with the gift of song, but her timeless fashion sense can be emulated in pretty much any era.

This week, I’ve put together some of her key outfits for some retro-inspired style notes for you to try xx

collage pink floral blouse2 DKNY Tights with Rib Texture Control Top; Inspired By Printed Kimono;  Miguelina Jaya crocheted cotton-lace shorts;  Rose-print ruffled chiffon blouse by RED Valentino. Background image – Desfeuits Tropical Print T-Shirt by Paul & Joe Sister 
yellow sweater collage

Yellow Contrast Front Sweater by Beautiful Monster; ‘Paradise Punchby Kester Black (shopsense); ‘Peony‘ by Kester Black. Background image by

collage black sequin

Colette Sequins Shift Dress ; Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick; butter London in Union Jack Black ; Zizi Black sandals with through-wedge. Background image by

collage navy blue silk

Issa Silk-jersey maxi dress;  Alannah Hill I Can’t Explain Clip site; philosophy field of flowers shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, wild blackberry blossom, 16 oz ; butter London Wink Mascara And Wink Eye Pencil In Indigo Punk. Background image – Summer Tropics Art Print by Amy Sia

lace embroidery collage

Bank Glamorous Embroidered Tassel Kimono ; Topshop Petite Embroidered Sweater; Urban Outfitters Vintage White Lace Slip. Background image – Cotton Lawn Fabric – Tropical Print on Black from

collage pink maxi

Jeffrey Campbell Scully White Platform ; MOR Cosmetics Marshmallow Body Oil 100ml; New Look Pink Lattice Side Chiffon Maxi Dress. Background image – Birds of Paradise by Nancy Ramirez

Hello Zebra



My travel plans for next year continue.

Not only am I going to Indio, California for the Coachella festival, but I have also booked myself in for a Grand Southern Contiki tour.

For 26 days I’m going to see the sights of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York… phew!

I’ve only ever been to the US once, and that was at the LA airport in transit to Canada – this is a whole new adventure on it’s own, and I got to say I am both scared and excited all at the same time!

Today’s outfit consists of my favourite go-to duo – black and white!

Wearing ICE flare pleat skirt and ASOS crop top with harness mesh panel.


IMG_3495curves IMG_3502combined IMG_3507curves IMG_3508curves

Juliet’s Garden



Three exciting things happened to me this week:

1. I received a surprise package from Love Mae congratulating me on being the winner of their giveaway! I can’t wait to get crafty with their gorgeous paper – my favourite is the ‘Succulents‘ design. It’s got the cutest little potted plants and leafy green patterns I’ve ever seen.

2. My package from FSHN BNKR finally arrived, which meant I had fun trying on my new goodies from Cameo, Keepsake and and Finders Keepers (outfit posts are in the making!)

3. I received confirmation on my request for a place in Contiki’s Coachella 2014 tour!! Looks like my year of travelling is going to be a good one next year :)

I am wearing: Dress from Surfstitch and handmade ‘Juliet’s Garden’ crown from my etsy store (It’s already been sold, sorry guys! I’m happy to take custom orders though).

Lots of love

IMG_3402 IMG_3401 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3415

White Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal


raspberry oatmeal

So yesterday morning I decided I wanted something different to satisfy my AM munchies. Here is a recipe of the quick, energy-rich breakfast I whipped up that tasted oh so delicious, and despite it’s name, is completely healthy and with the right alternatives can be vegan too!

You need:
Desired amount of oats (I used about a 1/4 of a cup)
Roughly the same amount of milk or water (I used almond milk)
Tablespoon of Quinoa seeds
Teaspoon of Chia seeds
1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 a teaspoon of LSA mix
Tablespoon of desicated coconut
Handful of goji berries
Handful of raspberries
Maple syrup or honey to sweeten

Except for the raspberries, put everything else into a bowl or saucepan and heat on the stove-top or the microwave for a couple of minutes.

Serve with raspberries on top, and maple syrup or honey to sweeten.

Enjoy! :)

Image by The Oatmeal Artist

Metallic knits and buckle shoes



Oh sunny days how I love you. I know it seems a bit contradictory to be wearing black on such a lovely spring day, but I figured the metallic threading in the knitted top I’m wearing could be my excuse.

Oh alright I admit it, I like black. Maybe it’s the Melbournian in me.

Dark shades aside, this outfit post is a bit of a lighthearted one. I can’t help but smile when it’s sunny outside :)

Wearing Sportsgirl knit, Valleygirl skirt and Topshop faux suede T-bar buckle flatforms (here’s something similar)

IMG_3457    IMG_3460 IMG_3459 IMG_3465 IMG_3466 IMG_3463

All About Eve




I have two weeks left til I officially finish my final year of undergrad! Yay!

The weather is also reflecting my mood, with Melbourne finally getting into the Spring spirit :)

I’m going out to the city with a couple of friends today, so my outfit is fairly comfy and simple (except for maybe the heels haha) with a minimal palette of deep red, black and warm brown.

I am wearing: All About Eve dress from Surf Stitch, bronze geometric triangle necklace by MINKPINK, and handmade flower crown available at the Moss & Stone etsy store.

Hope my fellow Melbournians are enjoying the weather as much as I am!


IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_3383 IMG_3386 IMG_3379 IMG_3376combined




Céline top and coat

Fashion week concluded with a dash of elegance as Paris streets filled to the brim with flair and sophistication. I bring you the final roll call of trends seen on street style A-listers.


From the baby variety to dusty rose, this blushing shade was a popular choice among fashion week attendees. Caroline Issa wore a chunky pink jacket in soft rose, Ece Sukan was seen in a pink pencil skirt while Hanelli Mustaparta was in an asymmetrical skirt of the same shade. Let’s not forget Jessica Heart’s gorgeous lace Valentino dress in dusty rose, while Vika Gazinskya roamed the sidewalk in a baby pink pant suit with white collar and sleeve fold overs.


Seen as a winner on pouts in Milan, this bright hue was taken one step further by fashionistas in Paris. Black and red colour blocking was seen on an Acne Studios jacket, Caroline Issa utilized this trend in her sheer midi length skirt, Holli Rogers was a vision in a red and white colour block ensemble, M.I.A was spotted in red and black geometric print pants while Yasmin Sewell graced the streets in a red Acne studios top, sleeveless and rough in texture.


Another popular beauty hue that has began a revolution on the streets, this fruity colour was a top choice in the field of couture. White and orange colour blocking was used in Caroline Brasch Nielsen’s outfit, while Julia Sarr-Jamois swapped white for grey in a more casual ensemble mixing knits with structure. Miroslava Duma matched her Aperlai shoes with a statement black dress with orange faux fur detail on the sleeves.


Everything from bottle green to emerald to bright verdant popped up numerous times on the sidewalk. Seen on the likes of Anne-Catherine Frey in Balenciaga top and pants, Giovanna Battaglia in a Corlina Herrera skirt with geometric patterns, Marine Deleeuw in a moss green Dries Van Noten Dress, a bright green Carven dress worn by Stephanie LaCava, and Veronika Heilbrunner in a bright Acne Studios knit.


Despite the insurgence of bright colours in the streets, the ever classic black and white remained a staple. Giovanna Battaglia relished the trend, as did Anya Ziourova in her Dior top and skirt. Caroline Issa and Caroline Sieber followed suit, while Michelle Eliewas spotted in black and white pattern pants with a crisp white shirt. Jourdan Dunn was seen in a casual Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony top and pants while Valentina Siragusa looked every bit corporate luxe in her Stella McCarteney pinstripe jacket.


Another staple that is set to stay, the pattern-mania taking over the world proved its power on Parisian Streets. Anna Dello Russo in a her signature look of a geometric print dress, Anya Ziourova in neon orange, Chiara Totire when animal farm with a bright rooster on the back of her white coat, Indre Rockefeller in a Pineapple emblazoned Peterpan collar dress, Joan Smalls in Kenzo Top, and Natalie Joos dressed top-to-toe in Mary Katrantzou kaleidscope style dress and shoes.


Plaid and tweed are proving themselves to be the next it trend on the streets. Tweed Chanel bags popped up on numerous occasions, whilst plaid Celine shoes, tops, and coats were seen on the likes of Francesca Burns, Michelle Elie and Sarah Harris.


Overalls, an ode to the simpler times of our childhood, and to comfortable chic fashion of the modern day. Spotted in denim form on Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Saskia de Brauw created her own trend in Yohji Yamamoto pants –  simple, grey, and with a  drawstring waist – teamed with suspenders, while Ulyana Sergeenko sported black 70s overalls, flared legs and all.


Speaking of the 70s, the retro trend does not look like it’ll be going anytime soon. Deena Abdulaziz embraced the 80s silouhette with broad shoulders in a white top that tapered to a black pencil skirt. Hanelli Mustaparta was seen in a Stella McCartney top reminscent of a Francine Pascal heroine’s wardrobe, Ulyana Sergeenko was spotted in a retro 50s  ensemble including a head wrap, while Susie Lau took on the vintage hat trend with a tangerine tilt hat and netting framing the face.

Images by Phil Oh for VogueArticle originally published on



On left Dolce & Gabbana bag

Milan proved to be a high contender in the string of fashion weeks this month, the style finds on the streets reflecting the calibre on the runways. Here are my top street style trends:

Bright colours and geometric prints

From Caroline Issa’s Ohne Titel dress, Carlotta Oddi’s Au Jour Le Jour jacket, to Marine Deleeuw 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, one thing was for sure: you can’t go wrong with pop-tastic hues and psychedelic patterns. Coming in strong from New York and London, bright colours and geometric prints are proving to have a stronghold in the street style arena.


The gorgeous Hanne Gaby Odiele wore a Junya Watanabe coat in plaid and leather panels, taking 90s grunge glam to new heights

Wearable collage

Jessica Mycock’s Comme des Garçons coat turned heads with it’s multi-textile ensemblage


Black and white outfits remained a stapel with fashion icons like Amy Astley, Candela Novembre and Eva Chen embracing the trend in 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alberta Ferretti, Costume National, and Céline, while Chiharu Okunugi opted for the minimal accessory with an Alexander Wang backpack.


Anna Dello Russo glimmed in her Dolce & Gabbana embellished dress, proving the endless possibilities of the boho luxe look

Prism sunglasses

If there’s one item MFW has put on the radar, it’s the Prism sunglasses. Spotted on the likes of Shala Monroque and Chloe Kerman, this accessory for your peepers is set to be a hot choice this season

Rouge to fire-engine

The ever classic red took on new shades in Milan, with Anya Ziourova wearing a Gucci dress in deep rouge, while Zhanna Romashka sported the eye-patterned Kenzo jacket in a bright fire-engine hue

Images by Philip Oh for Vogue. Article originally published on



On right Louis Vuitton bag

London Fashion Week left the hearts of many fashionistas a flutter with the delectable offerings it provided this year.

Notable labels of choice included Christopher Kane, Céline, Erdem, Mary Katrantzou, Vika Gazinskaya, Peter Som  and J.W Anderson. Signature pieces were in abundance, standouts being the Eddie Borgo necklace, the geek chic Givenchy top, and Kenzo jumpsuit.

Trends? We’ve got them. Bare midriffs remained popular, contrasted with high necklines, fitting forms and bright prints. Both geometric and floral prints proved to be favourable, teamed with colour blocking and layering. Different experimental textures and textiles created daring outfits to please the eye and satisfy the senses.

Bags are becoming statement pieces of their own, with the top choices being Meredith Wendell, Mawi, Louis Vuitton, Céline, Olympia Le-Tan and the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag.

Keep your legs trim and toned by embracing the sneaker trend. Top street picks include old school staples Nike and Adidas.

Jackets also made repeat appearances, with Thom Browne, Comme des Garçons and Club Monaco keeping our London fashionistas warm.

For the shoe aficionado, high achievers on the radar included Azzedine Alaïa and Gianvito Rossi.


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Founded in 2010 by former publicist Sarah Stavrow, The Fashion Institute (TFI) has firmly stamped itself as Sydney’s leading tertiary fashion business college.

Originally from a small country town, founder Sarah Stavrow moved to Sydney with dreams of working in fashion. Like many young people however,she didn’t know where to start or how to achieve her dream. Finding nowhere that specialised in fashion she eventually enrolled in a business course.


Most of her knowledge has come from on-the-job experience during her time at some of Australia’s leading PR agencies; having been the publicist for high profile clients including: Bonds, Seafolly, General Pants, Country Road, Berlei, Ella Bache and Sunsilk.

The Fashion Institute has stemmed from Sarah’s desire to share her knowledge and industry experience with students – the college is exactly what Sarah wished for when she was starting out herself.


TFI offers future fashionistas a platform to pursue their career dreams in the fashion industry by combining first class education with the industries leading professionals and a comprehensive Internship Program.

I sat down with one of TFI’s star students, Bilal Fouani, and talked about his work with the teams at Ben Sherman and Marie Claire Australia. He has also had the opportunity to work on a number of events, including Fashion Palette, the prestigious Ermenegildo Zegna Awards as well as styling some of this years Big Brother contestants.

Thara (T): How did you find studying at TFI at the beginning of your course?

Bilal (B): From day one TFI proved to be an inspiring and creative environment. It’s great to be amongst it, and to be guided by the industry’s greats.

T: What are your most positive experiences from your time at TFI?

B: Where do I start… I have been given so many opportunities. I could ramble on about all of the amazing brands and designers that I have worked alongside, but overall I would have to say the most positive experience was seeing and experiencing first hand the strong relationships TFI builds with its students. The personal interest Sarah, Bryce and Abbey have taken to develop not only my own career but also a whole army of fashion students.


T: How do you think TFI has prepared you for your future career?

B: TFI has done more than prepare me for my future career; they’ve helped start it. Before TFI I had been working in the fashion industry for 5 years doing everything from retail management to my own design work. I had a diploma in media communications and a fair amount of experience in fashion. Although I knew I wanted more, I just didn’t know how to get it. Within the first month of being at TFI I had already landed two internships and had a clearer direction of where my career was going. Fast forward 9 months and I’m now an assistant account manager. I’ve also launched myself as a freelance stylist and most recently been brought on as a fashion director for an up and coming online social hub which is set to be a game changer. I couldn’t be more grateful and I have TFI to thank.

T: How do you describe your experience working at Ben Sherman and Marie Claire Aus?

B: I have been extremely lucky to have been mentored by the industry’s best. The experience of working intimately with the team at Marie Claire and Ben Sherman has truly been the key to my success. For me it has been extremely motivating to work with such dedicated and skilled professionals.

T: What was it like working at events like Fashion Palette, the Ermenegildo Zegna Awards, and Big Brother (styling the contestants)?

B: The runways, the models and the fashion – what more could you want? I love working on live events, as for me it’s where fashion meets art. To go from an idea, to production and finally the cutting edge designs experienced by the masses first hand. It’s an ever-changing event where we are the curators.

For more information or to arrange a visit to the college please contact Abbey Danson on or (02) 9698 9919. Alternatively check out their website

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Get messy with ‘frank’



If you’ve had your eyes peeled these past couple of months, you may have noticed a rise in resealable brown paper bags making an appearance in bathrooms nation-wide. These small parcels of ‘tough love’ are trending at a fast pace, and Frank seems to be the word on everyone’s lips.

A coffee scrub packed with minerals and essential oils, frank provides an all-in-one provision for smooth, supple skin.

Antioxidants treat dryness, stretch marks, scars, and acne as well as neutralizing free radicals, while its high caffeine content increases blood-flow and circulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Teamed with almond oil, frank is a powerful combination of love for your skin. Almond oil is widely known for its anti-aging properties as well as its ability to improve skin tone. and is packed with Vitamins A, E and D, linoleic and oleic acids.


Using frank

Using frank involves getting messy and having fun! Best used while showering, handfuls of the scrub are used to cover damp skin all over your body. Using circular massage motions, make sure to concentrate on problem areas and then leave to dry for 5 – 10 minutes. Once finished, clean and rinse using a light body wash to remove excess oil.

The good people at frank recommend 1-2 scrubs a week. The more time spent scrubbing with frank, the more time he has to target cellulite and stretch marks. You should see results after 4 weeks of regular use..

Coffee stains?

Word of warning –  your skin will look brown during the scrubbing process, however this does wash off straight away.

You can buy frank here, and $14.95 will get you a 200g bag. As a general rule your frank should arrive within 7-10 working days.

For more info, check out

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On the night of August 30th, Hinny Tran and Dani Boudville collaborated to bring you Fred Hates Fashion, a Melbourne Spring Fashion Week runway launch event for 2013 where ‘runway meets fashion film’.

The event featured upcoming and established designers who collaborated with special guest designers of the highest calibre. Guests bore witness to fashion films that encompassed the designers’ creative visions at their best, highlighting the fashion industry’s appreciation for high quality and exceptional craftsmanship.

Drinks were abundant as were the freebies and giveaways, all amidst high quality fashion digitalization, underground music, glamazon models and exclusive previews of the latest designer collections.

Fred Hates Fashion aimed to provide their guests with a way to “experience fashion with all of your senses… a night of creative sensory stimulation of unimaginable magnitude”.

Both Hinny and Dani agree that the night was a success, with feedback from their special guests praising everything from the handmade spray-painted and stenciled goodie bags, to the overall atmosphere of the show giving an underground, dark cult party vibe. All in all, the FHF fashion launch has been hailed by couture enthusiasts as a highlight in independent fashion, bringing to the forefront underground talent that has been hiding away for too long.

Featured designers included Anthony Capon for Et Al Stores Melbourne, Aaizel, Sonya Kraan, Emslie & Mosca, Damien Yip for Authority Clothing, Craig Braybrook and Andy Truong, as well as guest designers William Llewellyn Griffiths of Metal Couture, Bowie Accessories Hair and Makeup pioneers, Pete Koziell from Chumba Concept Salons, Simone Clarke Hair & Make Up, Youshiki Scissors + Hair and Lexy Vu.

Photography by Jonathan Ho Photography

New SUPER.GOO for a super cool finish



For the man that’s on the run, hair may be the last thing on his agenda.

But nailing that look for your locks before you head out the door could mean the difference between a good day in the office or a day spent avoiding eye contact with the boss.

Well now you can turn heads and impress your superiors with less hassle thanks to Top Australian hairstylist KEVIN.MURPHY.  Weightless hair has been redefined with the creation of new styling product SUPER.GOO.

Neither a paste nor gel, SUPER.GOO is a super stretchy rubberized product with a strong hold to achieve a super defined chunky texture.

“I wanted something that was like a gel, but more modern” says Kevin, “I needed a more modern, sort of rougher texture that had a strong hold. I didn’t want a crunchy, crispy look. I wanted it to be movable but still chunky”

The no-flake formula contains Green Tea, Bamboo and Nettle extracts which not only allows the hair to be molded into distinct looks that last all day, but also strengthens it and stimulates growth.

Watch Kevin’s tutorial video for short hair below to learn how you can use SUPER.GOO redefine and structure your own look.

It can be used on damp hair or hair that’s already been dried, and can be used as a curl enhancer on wet hair or blown out for extra volume. Whichever you choose, SUPER.GOO gets right through the hair for a strong hold and definition.

SUPER.GOO (RRP $35.95) is available from leading salons around Australia. For more information or stockist enquiries, visit or call 1800 104 204.

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Homegrown talent amazes at ‘Made in Melbourne’



Melbourne’s style elite were treated to an inspiring night of local fashion at Made in Melbourne 2013, held during the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week at River’s Edge Events on Wednesday.

MIM, now in its fifth consecutive year, celebrated the talent of emerging Melbourne fashion designers who set the bar higher than ever in 2013 with an extravagant runway show that attracted several high profile guests.

“If MIM 2013 was an indication of what’s to come, we are going to see brilliant things from these upcoming designers,” said MIM founding director, Katya Baxter.

“The captivating designs featured by our 16 Victorian designers really took the profile of the event to a new level, not only in attracting, but developing the quality of artists that will shape the future direction of our fashion industry.

“It was a fantastic show, with standout highlights on the night from all the labels featured on the night” says Creative Director, Patrick Price.

Labels showing were:

Aaizel, Aron, Cadelle Leather, Coelho, Danielle Tabet, ELandTINO, Lisa Taranto, Micky in the Van, Mina & Katusha,  Preap & Coutts, Sonya Kraan, Stella Blanche, Tyrone James, Violette & Diamond,  and Vivienna Lorikeet.

While the event focused on celebrating talent at a local level, MIM also serves to promote independent designers to customers, potential investors and industry networks both nationally and internationally.

“That is the real legacy of MIM, and the reason why we have continued to grow the event from strength to strength over the past five years – to give more local designers the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world,” Ms Baxter said.

Without an event like MIM at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, there would be few high profile opportunities for Melbourne designers to get a leg up in this competitive industry.

“Again, we couldn’t have put on such a spectacular show without the support of our sponsors. Thank you to Fjorde Magazine, Bodyography, Novo, Braided Beauty, One Thousand Cranes and Gusto& Élan for supporting MIM in 2013.”

The guests were also treated to some luxurious lip balms from 1Skin Solutions, and beverages from Kwencher and Teza Juiced Teas.

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NYFW 2013 Street Style



New York Fashion Week did not disappoint this year in the street style arena, with fashion forward individuals showing us how it’s done on the sidewalk.

Bright neons, metallics, prints, colour blocking, textile mixture, two-piece ensembles, retro flouncy skirts and bare midriffs all took centre stage as shutterbugs recorded the fashion frenzy in New York’s streets.

If there’s one thing you can learn from these fashionistas, it’s this: don’t be afraid of taking risks. Everything from green tresses to matching couples’ outfits were spotted in the city, creating stories and art behind what would otherwise just be ‘fashion’.

A billion people with a billion tales to share, all with their individual quirks shining through their fashionistic self expression. Dare to be different!

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This year has seen a Gernreich movement of sorts. One of the big names in the world of fashion during the 1960s, Rudi Gernreich was responsible for the rise of monokinis, cut-out dresses, bold prints, and color blocking styles – things that are coming back on the fashion scene in full swing. The 1960s was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the time.

Mary Quant invented the mini-skirt, and Jackie Kennedy introduced the pillbox hat,false eyelashes were worn and hairstyles exploded in a variety of lengths and styles.  The focus was on colors and tones, and people were dressing in psychedelic prints, highlighter neons, and mismatched patterns. Culottes, go-go boots, box-shaped PVC dresses and other PVC clothes were popular, and the bikini came into fashion early in the decade.

So just how can you embrace the swinging mod look this season? Keep it minimal and bold – strong stripes and patterns in monochrome palettes, Twiggy lashes and fire engine red pouts, and psychedelic prints with industrial textures – think stiff, boxy or plastic-like.

Take it to experimental lengths and see where it leads you, here are some mod finds to get you started:

Image courtesy of Moschino 2013



IMG_3175edit IMG_3184edit IMG_3183edit IMG_3181editIMG_3185edit IMG_3179edit IMG_3177edit

I have come to a very exciting realization. I only have one month left of uni before I officially finish my degree! Four years of sweat, blood and tears (and a lot of last minute cramming sessions) will all accumulate in four weeks when I graduate, making me a qualified journalist.

And then… summer! I cannot wait to start wearing my dresses albeit the thick stockings, feeling warm sun on my skin and not worrying about it ‘getting dark soon’ when I’m out and about.

In a season celebration of sorts, this outfit features the very bright and cheery ‘Grounds for Divorce’ shorts in lime by TIG (This is Genevieve), teamed with a cropped metallic thread top I bought at a local op-shop.

And guess what? This very top is on sale in my etsy store as of now! Perfect for those summery nights out when you need a bit sparkle to liven up your look.

Happy weekend everyone!



IMG_3171editmakeupIMG_3163editIMG_3157editIMG_3165edit - Copy

Had  a casual outing with a friend on Sunday night, and this is what I wore. Melbourne weather is becoming warmer, albeit slowly, so I was finally able to bare my legs! Black is always a staple with me so I wore my faux leather + knit top teamed with my black skort. Orange faux suede Aley Jane t-bar flats and a faux leather tangerine clutch were added for a splash of colour. Minimal monochrome nails created the final touch!

Top and skort found on eBay // Shoes by Aley Jane// Clutch found at local op-shop

Interview: WE THE PEOPLE



Pictured left to right: Matthew Jennings (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Phillip Black (Bass, Vocals, Guitar), Jonathon Ferraro (Drums) and James Seymour (Lead Vocals)

From their humble beginnings in January 2011, We The People have crossed state borders sharing their musical finesse with young and old alike. Influenced by Alt-J (∆), Foals, and The Wombats, the four piece from Melbourne exude a down-to-earth humour that provides an infinite amount of charm and talent. The band have played with the likes of San Cisco, The Cairos, Boy in a Box, Emperors, Loon Lake, Vydamo and many more, and have just recently finished recording a bunch of new tunes to follow up their 2012 debut E.P ‘My Castle’ – check out their video LEON here

Thara: Where did the name ‘We The People’ originate from?

We The People: The name is really what you make of it. It could be us claiming that we are ‘The People’, but probably not. We could be part of the American movement… but definitely not. We could just have really bad grammatical skills? We could even be musical aliens trying to disguise ourselves. I guess you will never know.

T: How did We The People start? Did you guys form before you were signed, or vice versa?

WTP: James thought it would be a great idea to initially play his music live, so grabbed his old school mate Jono and threw him on the drums. Phill then put up his hand to play the bass after they met through flippin’ burgers at ol’ McD’s. The jazz-master Matt finally joined mid last year after our old lead guitarist Billy left. Unfortunately we are still unsigned, but that’s probably because James has a ginger neck beard.

T: You’ve been a group for more than 2 years now – what lessons have you guys learned during that time?

WTP: We have learned not to annoy Jono. Don’t let his size mislead you, that dude can seriously do some damage! Also, Phill can cook up a mean chicken wrap, and, when we tour, gets extremely concerned about leaving wherever we are super early, regardless of the intensity of party the night before.

T: What ups and downs have you encountered?

WTP: Our biggest downer was definitely Billy leaving us last year, I guess the best upside to that was Matt jumping on board!

T: Any funny stories you can share?

WTP: This one night we supported a Burlesque dancer, but I think James may have upstaged her with his fishnets…

T: What was it like playing with bands like San Cisco?

WTP: It’s always a treat to be supporting bands who people regard so highly or who are so recognizable. Apart from playing to a new/bigger crowd, the best part would be meeting and hanging with these people. The music industry is one big happy family!

T: You released the Superstars film clip on YouTube in September last year, and it’s reach 2260 views. If that’s not amazing in itself, the film clip for Leon was only released last month and you’ve already reached 1360 views. How are you finding this rise in fame? Are people recognizing you more often, or has it not reached that level yet?

WTP: Our videos are a massive part of why people are starting to get around us. Although we are definitely not by any means famous, it is very humbling that people can relate to these videos and share them around purely because they enjoy them. Head On Media are the amazing dudes responsible for these videos, go and check them out!

T: How do you guys deal with the musician lifestyle? Do you travel a lot for shows or do you perform more locally than not?

WTP: We have been doing quite a few interstate shows of late, and are enjoying travelling around, performing for different crowds and meeting new people. We’re actually in the process of organizing a tour toward the end of the year. Can’t go past a solid local show though!

T: What did your friends and family think when you first started, and what do they think of We the People now?

WTP: Jono’s dad used to hate us, then we supported his band this one time, and now he still hates us.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming tour the band is planning at the end of the year. It will be based around their second EP, due to be released before the tour. In the mean time, check out their social media pages and their tunes and videos on YouTube!

Facebook –
Triple J Unearthed –
Soundcloud –
Twitter – @wethepeopleAUS
Youtube –

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GUEST POST: How to wear prints in spring


Angelina Stroumpouli of Just Angelina gives you the low-down on wearing prints this season.


As spring approaches in Melbourne, outfits should become brighter and lighter and it’s almost impossible not wear printed or floral clothes. Well, if you think that you don’t know how to wear printed clothes, I styled some of my clothes with beautiful accessories for fresh spring outfits.

1. The Shirt


Let’s start with a printed shirt, like the one above. The secret to pulling off a very busy print on the top part of your body is to keep the rest of the ensemble clean and simple. Personally, I chose to combine this printed shirt with a white skirt, but a black one could work well too. Choose a modern bag or a clutch for a fresh style and finish the look with ultra-stylish heels and glam accessories! In case of cold, there is nothing better than a black & white biker jacket.

GRAB Leather and Denim Jacket

ASOS Leather And Faux Pony Zip Top Clutch Bag

Just Acces Grease Necklace

Oasis Square Face Chain Link Watch

Hazel Hinge Cuff

ASOS PHAROAH Leather Platforms


2. The Dress


Floral dresses are staple pieces for spring. For a statement and bold look, try mixing different prints. First, pick a floral dress and choose accessories in the same colours. When combined in a right way, the accessories complement the dress. Finish the look with stylish and attractive jewellery!

Sarah Boucle Biker Jacket

ASOS Clutch Bag With Laser Cut Flap

Name Plate Chain Necklace


DESIGN STUDIO Smooth Metal Ring



3. The Blouse


For a casual morning look, a blouse with little stars is a great choice. Especially, when combined with black wide pants and biker boots, it looks even cooler. You can upgrade the ensemble with a printed bomber jacket and a backpack. Use some plain accessories, as these sunglasses or a classic watch, and you’re done.

STELLA Full Bloom Jacket

Side Pockeet Backpack

Cheap Monday Mars Sunglasses

TIMEX T2N338 Black Watch

Oversized Chain Necklace

Amelia Side Zip Biker Boots


4. The Pants


This is my favorite piece, the printed pants. They look amazing with graphic tees and strappy sandals. Add some clean accessories and the outfit is ready! Accordingly, you could wear a printed skirt too!

Miriam Crepe Biker

Multi Zip Bag

Kristen Section Necklace

ASOS HONG KONG Heeled Sandals

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Angelina is 23 years old and lives in Athens, Greece. She studies graphic design while also keeping her hands busy making clothes and jewelry for herself and her friends. Just Angelina features DIYs, daily outfits, fashion inspiration, events and other various lovely things.

Pushing the boundaries at MSFW Student Runway One


The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Student Runway showcased a dynamic feast for the eyes, with young designers paving the way for experimental fashion that pushed the boundaries.



Ella McIlvena, Johanna Howe and Alexander Batsis blazed the catwalk with their homages to futuristic design – holograms, white bodysuits with cheeky cutouts (a la 5th element) and lilac aluminium like material illuminated the stage.


Colour blocking

Colour blocking remained a staple with Lauren Cray and her white flowing silk, cutouts, and layers; Victoria Thaniotis who showcased grey and white with orange accents; and Talisa Trantino with her red velvet with prints and white structured forms. Leea Menkhorsst created an Isle of White aesthetic with her modern Grecian goddesses, who graced the catwalk with long flowing lengths revealing short pieces underneath.


Black leather

Tyrone Susman utilized black leather to create a bikie chic look, with silver studs and metallic spine embellishments. Kaila Baccalao opted for an Arabian nights look with a modern edge – intricate head pieces and elegant trimmings were teamed with bold black leather and gold geometric patterns.



Laura Sestito showcased monochrome prints and colour blocking in black and white. Standouts were Alanna Barca’s tulip petal-like shoulders for her structured jacket, and Yan Wang’s use of checkerboards and chevron, giving an optical illusion wonderland for viewers.



Elegance was a sure sight thanks to Marco Agosta and Molly Younger. Agosta featured red, black, blue and white to create a mix of past and present with elegant form and modern shaping, intricate beaded headpieces framing the face and eyes. Younger created a Breakfast At Tiffany’s meets 2013 look with cream and grey, a bit of midriff, elbow length gloves, and structured pieces with soft-coloured prints on sheers and silks.


Wearable art

True wearable art pieces by way of Gracia Phang, Gabrielle Broan, Esther Gauntlet and Cathy Lai Wa Yuen were also brought to stage. Phang’s delicate construction of wool and other material created pieces on the models that draped their necks and flowed down their hips and legs in artistic excess. Brown’s work was almost architectural, with contrast achieved by soft crepe voile and rigid structured material. Gauntlet showed a more experimental edge with dip-dyed blue gowns and collars literally dripping with gold. Yuen’s intricate cut-out patterns and 3D emboss like forms on jackets remained center stage with her simple palette.



Viewers were taken back to the 80s with Lucie Rosenberg’s retro look with a modern twist, featuring bright poppy colours, boxy forms and broad shoulders, accented with bondage like head pieces that covered the face. Jack Leeson’s 80s ice skater girl from the future showcased pastel and candy colours, flouncy skirts, gold and silver beading and sheer layers.



Hannah Canham’s collection of elegant mixture of textures, grey fur and flowing material, were further extenuated with interesting headpieces that featured black strips of lightweight black plastic-like material to create an eastern like hat with a twist. Dara Ing’s menswear collection took a futuristic stance, showcasing light up headpieces and hologram embellished clothing.

Originally published on Images courtesy of Emily Gunawan.

Corso Mio Launch Night Round Up



Last week saw the Corso Mio Opening Night launch to coincide with MSFW.

Dahlia Crmlec, founding and creative director of the store was much enthused by the turn out – “The Corso Mio opening night was a great success, with great compliments received of the collection on offer.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to shop the collection in person, where they could experience the quality of craftsmanship, innovative designs and Spring Summer pallets wholesomely.”

Corso Mio pop-up store will be open for the entire duration of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, weekdays 11am-6:30pm and next weekend (Saturday & Sunday) 10am-5pm.

Dahlia hopes that “Melbourne will make the most of this splendid opportunity and visit the pop up store. A great time to prepare for Spring Racing Carnival, just around the corner, some stylish pieces that would make a statement on the fields.”

Photography by Moss & Stone


Lime Crime Cosmetics



“Beauty is not what’s natural, or even looks best; it’s what feels right at the moment!” – Doe Deere

Doe Deere – self proclaimed ‘Queen of the Unicorns’ – created Lime Crime in 2008 because she wanted ‘makeup that did more than just cover up imperfections.’ Through her work, she strives to inspire young women the world over to pursue their dreams, embrace their uniqueness and express themselves to the fullest. Needless to say, dipping into the Lime Crime collection is akin to a Lisa Frank fantasy, with extremely bright rainbows and neon cartoon animals. ”Lime Crime girls play by their own rules,” says Deere, “They rock mint lipstick, dye hair rainbow colors and celebrate their individuality every day.”

Lime Crime is also dedicated to developing vegan-friendly cosmetics – as an animal-friendly brand, they make sure that all their cosmetics and ingredients are cruelty-free.

You can find Lime Crime at MakeupNet (Official AU and NZ Lime Crime distributor)

Follow Lime Crime on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date on all the goss.


Originally published on Images courtesy of Lime Crime and Swedish Love Affair

Weekly pinboard: Weekend Haze


Today brings the second installment of Moss & Stone’s weekly pinboard!

Here, I give you a roundup of my favourite pins of the week from my Pinterest boards.

From crafty ideas to style notes to food-gasmic recipes, I’ll collage it all just for you (:

This week’s round-up: Weekend Haze. A mood board for lazy day inspiration full of overalls, tea, basking in the sun, swimming, chunky knits and pajama pants, bike riding, coffee drinking, sneakers, and a little bit of James Franco ;)

Keep updated by following my board.

Images not my own – originally found on Pinterest, which in turn are sourced from all over the net. Original sources are credited as a caption with the image on Pinterest.



Fred loves fashion so much he hates it. It frustrates him no end – the thing he loves most is the one thing he will never be able to figure out, to categorize and box into one moniker. You’ve seen his proclamation of hatred plastered on walls, popping up on websites, spreading through YouTube.  But just who is Fred?

I sat down with the masterminds behind FHF – Hinny Tran and Danielle Boudville  – to answer that very question.

Hinny-&-Dani-FRED HATES FASHION Creators for Couturing

Thara: So what is Fred Hates Fashion?

Hinny: Fred Hates Fashion is a fashion event where runway meets fashion film. It focuses on the collaboration between designers  and us (the filmmakers). Basically it makes sure it focuses on the designer’s vision while bringing a new medium to the industry

Danni: The show is also a unique experience for people. It’s different  because you find out who the designers are and what their story is. I know that with a lot of creatives if you show someone something and they don’t get your idea it’s really disappointing and frustrating ,cause you’ve put all this work into it and they just don’t see what you want. So that’s what we’re doing with the films and the interviews we do.

Hinny: It’s pretty much a creative way to allow the public to relate to the brand, and overall create a lasting relationship between the two. And also, with the designers they know what they want but they don’t know how to articulate their ideas so we help them out with that – that’s where our expertise comes in.

Thara: What were you doing before Fred Hates Fashion began?

Danni: The first time we worked together was at a charity event I ran last year. I was the organizer and we asked Hinny in the last minute to do a video for us. He saw that I was struggling a bit in terms of my team so he said “I’ll make you a promo video” so he organized this whole production for us. It was awesome.

After that he did some more videos for us as well. After that I was asked to be runway director for a couple of L’Oreal shows, and I asked him to come with me cause I didn’t want to do it by myself. It was kinda fun, cause neither of us had done anything like that before, but it was really…rushed

Thara: Where you guys friends before this happened? How  did you manage to find Hinny?

Hinny: Danni dated my brother [laughs]

Danni: And we kinda met at a family function, but we didn’t really talk much, but I knew what he did

Hinny: Yeah I never really talked to her, but my brother told me she was working on this fashion show. When we bumped into each other I sort of jumped on board. I said ‘Yeah your event’s great, but your marketing is terrible. Let me help you out”

FRED HATES FASHION - You love Fashion So Much That You Hate It Jacob Linnett Large

Thara: What do you guys do when you’re not working on Fred Hates Fashion? 

Danni: I have a background in multimedia, so I have a graphic design job that I sort of do really really casually. I’m also studying science, which is what I thought I always wanted to do [laughs] so it’s really hard, but I’m willing to finish it. However I know now that this is what I want to do. I want to run events.

Hinny: I come from a marketing and business background. I’ve always been confused about what I wanted to do. So I’ve always changed courses and like – I wanted to be a designer, I wanted to do industrial design, then interior design  – just always something creative, but I’ve always been quite business focused as well. After being so confused, one day I picked up the camera (three years ago now) and I made a video of myself [laughs]. My first video was of myself and my obsession with fashion – it was just about me changing into thirty different outfits

Thara: Is the video still available?

Hinny: Well I had to take it down cause all these Thai people kept adding me on Facebook [laughs]. On Youtube it allows you to track where all your traffic comes from, and I found it on some Thai boy website and I was like “Ahhh this is terrible!No wonder I have like 50 Thai people adding me!”. Anyway, I took that down – it is still on my Facebook so my friends can still see it.

But what I learned from that was that I got a really good response. People were saying ‘Hey, you made something quite entertaining, you should keep doing it” so I kept doing it, and kept making fashion videos. My friend had a vintage fashion shop so I made a promo video for her, and it just sort of snowballed from there

Thara: So you’re self taught?

Hinny: Yeah, yeah, just a  self taught film-maker I guess. And yeah it just kept going from there – people started paying me to make videos for them

Thara: And then you teamed up and both of your skills have just melded together

Danni: Yeah it’s really strange to get a partnership like this. Cause you can’t just go out and try and find it, it just doesn’t happen. You might clash or you’ll just have totally different ideals. So it’s just really bizarre when you say something and someone else just agrees with you, which is what I find with Hinny

Thara: In terms of Fred Hates Fashion, how did that come about?

Danni: So we worked at a couple of events for L’Oreal and MSFW and well we were a bit disappointed with the whole thing. It was a lot less creative than we expected, and we felt like the designers were put second best. The event’s people didn’t really care about them, they just wanted to get stuff out there to run the show. We were backstage and we were talking to the models and the fashion designers and they just had such great stories to tell and they were so passionate about what they did –  the event just didn’t do it justice. Later I was talking to Hinny and I said “Do you want to just do it? Just make one [an event]?”

Hinny: I thought it was a joke [laughs], I was thinking “I’m too busy! I can’t start a runway show!”. But we did our last show last year in September, and Danni called me up one day a few months later and said “I can’t do this anymore. I need to do something creative. I’m just going to die”

Danni: I was just a bit dramatic [laughs]

Hinny: So she called a meeting and we met up at a cafe and she had already designed the initial logos. After that the ideas kept coming in. What we found most prominent when it came to defining our goal was that we wanted to brand something that people can relate to. How we went about that was to find what people loved about fashion. What we found however, was as we went on we just felt like “It’s too much! There’s too much that comes up when we think about our love for fashion” and we ended up feeling like “Oohh I hate fashion” [laughs]

Danni: We couldn’t decide, and yeah we just argued with each other about it, and that’s how the idea of ‘Fred Hates Fashion’ came about. One can love fashion so much that you end up hating how much it consumes you. We thought that if you put a name or a person to it then people can connect to it more. That’s why we made up ‘Fred’ who now is iconic. People are like “Do I know that guy from somewhere?” just cause they’ve seen it and we post it everywhere.

fred hates fashion jacob film still

Thara: So what current projects are you working on? Your most favourite project you’ve worked on so far?

Danni: In my life, it would be this [Fred Hates Fashion]. Everything else I’ve done has been because other people have told me to do it.  This is working so far for me.

Hinny: I do filmmaking outside of Fred Hates Fashion also, so I get just get to do more of what I love. I am currently working on a Jack London shoot, which is pretty exciting. I’ve been hounding them for a while about trying fashion film as a new medium

Thara: So do you guys go out and contact brands asking them to collaborate with you?

Hinny: Yeah we do both hot and cold contacts. We’ve got lots of friends in the industry who we’ve worked for in the past so they all have databases. All we do is say “Hey, we’ve put together a project, send it out to everyone you think would be interested.” So they do, and everyone’s read it and got back to us. We created a website and did our own marketing and generated heaps of traffic and publications that way. But yeah mainly it’s our own marketing.

Thara: So what are your goals for the future? Where do you want to take Fred Hates Fashion?

Danni: As far as it would go [laughs] I want to take this everywhere, even globally. We feel like in Australia, Melbourne is the place to be for events like this. You know Sydney’s up there, but for cultural diversity and creatives  getting together Melbourne is the place. I don’t see why we should just limit ourselves to just here – we should go all out, and try do a show elsewhere. Collaborate with both designers overseas and maybe bring some people from Australia over there

Hinny: I think everything we do now is global in a way. On our website we’re getting traffic from overseas – there’s not much consistency from which country it comes from but really anything you post up on the net goes to anywhere in the world in an instant. So with what we’re doing now in terms of films, people all over the world can see it

Thara: So through your journey – start to now – what struggles or obstacles have you encountered?

Danni: This is our first show so we’ve had to cold call everyone. You know, it’s not like we’re a big company that has connections to everything. It’s challenging to get the word out, and build up contacts in the first place. We have a decent amount of people we know here, cause it’s our home town, but we are amateurs and to get people to listen to you when you’re first starting out is really tough

Hinny: I have a particular story I can share [laughs]. Earlier on in the project I thought it’d be great to call – I won’t say who it was – a certain collective designer brand shop, and I was thinking “Wow their brands are great, I should pitch this to them to see if their designers are interested”. So I called them and I told them about the show and they just, grilled me. It killed me. This was at the very beginning of FHF and they were asking me these really hard questions like “Who are you? What do you do? How is your show different?”. I couldn’t answer a single one on the top of my head. It took me by surprise and I was slow to answer. What I got from that was “I don’t ever want to feel like that again. I’m going to go and write down everything he asked, refine our concept and our goals and make sure that never happens again.”I felt so belittled, so I said “No, next time that happens I’m going to be prepared. I’m going to show them”

Thara: What advice do you have for any new starter out there who have plans to create something like this but don’t know how to begin?

Danni: Just do it. Everyone talks about how they want to do something, but how many of them actually do it? With FHF, we just did it. We just jumped in. Once you start you can’t really go back, you can’t give up. You tell people of your plans and what you’re going to do, you’re not just going to say “I’m not doing this anymore” in front of them. You have your dignity, and that motivates you to keep going even when you feel like giving up.

Hinny:  I highly recommend making a media kit [laughs] – put together a good media kit, find yourself a good graphic designer, and be nice! Being nice gets you everywhere – you never know who you’re going to meet, or who you’re meeting will end up becoming. Same as yourself. Everyone has potential, so treat them the way you’d want them to treat you. Be consistent with your personality, don’t pretend to be bigger than you are – be humble. Don’t fall into the ‘snobbiness’ of the fashion industry.

Check out the Official Fred Hates Fashion video here and buy tickets to Friday’s  launch event before they sell out here!


Images and video courtesy of Fred Hates Fashion. Originally published on

Outfit post: Buttercup yellow


buttercup yellow

An outift for those easy-breezy days. A simple palette of soft yellow and white.

Check out more of my ASOS Fashion Finder outfits here.

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White clutch "milk pack"
White clutch “milk pack”

£210.00 £135.00


VISIT STORE: zadig and voltaire

VISIT STORE: kurt geiger


£719.50 £447.00

How you can nail the denim look


feature pic

Now you can embrace the new denim trend with the help of Glue!

Denim has always been a staple in wardrobes worldwide, with its versatile durability and chameleon like powers to go with almost any outfit.

Recently though, a resurgence has occurred with both men and women embracing it as a main fixture in current trends.

Here are my top picks from Glue’s ‘New Denim’ Collection, featuring gems from the likes of Stussy, Ziggy Denim, Lee, Nobody, Zanerobe and much more.

So how would you like to update your wardrobe with these denim finds? Glue is giving you a chance to do just that with their new giveaway!

In collaboration with UniDays, Glue are offering $200 to spend at their store!

Click here  to enter xx



Today is the beginning of a new segment – Moss & Stone’s weekly pinboard!

This is where I will give you a roundup of my favourite pins of the week from my Pinterest boards.

From crafty ideas to style notes to food-gasmic recipes, I’ll collage it all just for you (:

This week’s round-up: Kaleidoscope Dreams. A mood board of colourful inspiration and pop-tastic brights to titillate the senses.

Keep updated by following my board.


Images not my own – originally found on Pinterest, which in turn are sourced from all over the net. Original sources are credited as a caption with the image on Pinterest.

You’re invited: Corso Mio MSFW 2013 Store Opening


Corso Mio MSFW13 Store

Corso Mio online boutique sets up a brick-n-mortar store and opens its doors to all of Melbourne!

28th August 2013 – 8th September 2013

471 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy weekdays: 11am – 6:30pm weekends: 10am – 5pm

All current season Spring/Summer ‘13/’14 is now in store!

Coros Mio is the official stockist and the only Melbourne destination for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Accessories & Jewellery, as well as Pauric by Pauric.

Their further love of authentic Australian designers that ooze character includes Maverick’s Laces, Mettle FairTrade and Hanky Fever.

In addition to what’s on offer at the website store, in store Corso Mio is  presenting all of the Spring/Summer ‘13/’14 Collections – designed in London, made in Italy: women’s Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Vivienne Westwood unisex bags, Vivienne Westwood unisex wallets/ purses/ accessories, Pauric by Pauric bags and Audacious designs by Hanky Fever (made in Australia).

Corso Mio is inspired by beauty, creativity, design, authenticity, high quality craftsmanship, traditional manufacture, innovation & culture. So join them next week for a night of elegance that is not to be missed.

Copyright 2013, CORSO MIO PTY. LTD. Contact:

Tried & Tested: ELEVEN Australia ‘Make Me Shine’ Spray Gloss and ‘I Want Body’ Volume Foam



ELEVEN Australia, the hot new name in hair care, says it offers a fresh approach to hair care. Simple to use, easy to identify and products do exactly what they say they will do. Couturing beauty writer, Thara Vidyaratne, road tests two of ELEVEN’s signature products to see if ELEVEN Australia products live up to their mantra.


Make Me Shine Spray Gloss

A lightweight finishing spray to control flyaways and add shine, ELEVEN’s ‘Make Me Shine’ Spray Gloss is suitable for all hair types. The directions are simple; shake well, spray lightly from an arm’s length onto dry, styled hair – easy and convenient, with exceptional results. I found my hair to have a certain gleam that I usually only see in the sun, and the fresh melon scent that wafted from my tresses only made me fall more in love with the product. My flyaways were kept at bay leaving me with a soft, bouncy mane that wasn’t weighed down.

I Want Body Volume Foam

This lightweight volumiser adds body to lifeless hair, giving thicker texture & control. After showering, I took 2-4 pumps of the (addictively) foamy mousse and distributed evenly from roots to ends, finishing with a blow-dry. Because of my wavy, thick hair, the crown of my head usually suffers from lack of volume and ends up sticking to my scalp, leaving my dry ends to shoot out from all directions. Broom head anyone? ELEVEN’s Volume Foam left my roots fresh and perky, without the stiff texture that most other volumizer products leave. The result was healthy looking hair that had life and shape.

Originally published on

The Minimalist: My entry for the Uniqlo Silk Range Competition


minimalist asos fashion finder


A minimal palette of black, white, neon yellow and silver. Perfect for a warm day out and about in town, or that summer party on the rooftop. Please vote for my look here :)

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ASOS HONOUR Studded Flatforms
ASOS HONOUR Studded Flatforms

£ 28.00

Just Access Ohio Necklace
Just Access Ohio Necklace

£ 18.00 £ 10.50

INTERVIEW: Laura Villasenin of Miista Shoes


Thara: How did Miista begin?
Laura: Miista was founded by Laura Villasenin in 2010 when she began working on her debut collection for the Spring/Summer 2011 season. After graduating from LCF Cordwainers and spending time working in both corporate and independent companies she felt it was time to venture off on her own. Seeing a hole in the market, Miista strives to provide incredible quality and forward thinking style at a mid price range.
Thara: What does Miista provide that makes it unique from it’s competitors?
Laura: Miista is unique in that we are very focused on NEW. With each season we look to expand our capabilities, push ourselves further and develop new techniques, constructions and looks. You’ll never catch us playing it safe or copying from our peers – and right now, especially within our price range, that is quite rare.
Thara: What hurdles or difficulties did you encounter when first starting?
Laura: At the very beginning it was just Laura. A few months in Una began interning and for the entire first season Laura was wearing every hat in the company — designer, accountant, sales, production manager, etc and this meant a lot of learning from experience and sometimes making expensive mistakes. The only way to get the proper knowledge is to dive in head first and thankfully it all worked out!
There were also some production issues that made the first season very stressful. Of course it happened with the best selling style and after all the orders were placed the production proved faulty. This turned into a crash course in dealing with factories, maintaining high standards for quality and forging honest relationships with customers. At this point we are in a great place with our factories but it definitely was a long road!
Thara: What has been your most memorable experiences during the development of Miista?
Laura: The launch of our Spring/Summer 2013 collection ELECTROMANCER was beyond any expectation. The response that we got from both stores and customers blew us away. Spring really helped put us on the map and get in touch with a wider customer base — and has made us so excited for the future of the brand!
Thara: What do you hope to achieve in the future?
Laura: We hope to continue bringing innovative and irreverent new styles to the market while expanding to include new elements — we are introducing handbags for Autumn 2013 and in the next few seasons we hope to begin releasing men’s footwear as well! We’re in a period of incredible growth at the moment and are working like crazy to cement MIISTA’s place in the shoe world!
Image courtesy of Miista Shoes

CORSO MIO by Dahlia Cmrlec



Dahlia Cmrlec is one of the very few that can say she has sat alongside the Dame Vivienne Westwood herself, sipping on French champagne. She is also Founding and Creative Director of online fashion & lifestyle boutique, Corso Mio, based in Australia. Born and raised in Melbourne, she has worked with internationally acclaimed designers of great talent and fame, from Vivienne Westwood to Pauric Sweeney.

Dahlia’s profession has led her backstage at international fashion shows of Paris and London, and has also seen her work with the likes of Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief (2010) having developed promotional activities for her fund raiser event, the Limited Edition Vivienne Westwood Sex In The City 2 – Gladiator Shoe (2010) a runway piece that was developed for production following the film’s promotional campaign, and the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the I.T.C (2011) establishing relations that have led to a very successful product collaboration and formative development in Africa.

Other projects include collaborations with Galleria Department Store South Korea (2008), Mattel UK (2007), Guccio Gucci SpA (2007) and Salvatore Ferragamo (2006). She has continued to work in, and with, the European market ever since graduating, across cities that include: Florence, Rome, Milan, Paris and London. 

Her real passion is evoked through direct relationships with (predominantly) Italian high-end craftsmen and manufacturers, innovative creative processes and sourcing of exotic materials. Her pedigree is of quality, innovative design, ethical practices and authenticity, especially of Italian made products.

Corso Mio is the culmination of Dahlia’s work and vision, continually evolving to create bridges to the people. As Dahlia puts it, Corso Mio is “where living on the edge is indeed a lifestyle. My lifestyle. My way. Encouraging you to design your own canvas of life”

2013 saw Corso Mio becoming the sole Australian online stockist to Vivienne Westwood and the Anglomania Spring/Summer 2013/2014 Collection. Corso Mio was handpicked by the fashion icon herself to showcase the entire exquisite range to Australian customers at the all-­new website

From the bohemian inspired Botticelli Trousers, to the  sassy Gladiator Dress, the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania collection oozes individuality and innovative glamour. According to Dahlia, each piece in the collection epitomizes the creativity, pureness and often eccentricity of the British fashion designer. “I am confident and excited that Australian women will embrace these pieces, not only for their distinctiveness but also for its’ colour explosion and relevance to the Australian fashion palette,” she said.

“Each piece is beckoning to be worn by an Australian woman who demands quality, appreciates authenticity and respects how untainted fashion transcends into our lives. Having worked for Vivienne across her Marketing and Merchandising department in London for some years, I was determined to share Vivienne’s unique style and passion in fashion to the Australian market”

“Vivienne respects and accentuates the female form and whether it’s the Trot Jacket or the Toga Draped Dress, Australian women will be captivated by the raw femininity exuding in each garment. Corso Mio also features an array of Vivienne Westwood accessories and trinkets for both Australian men and women”

From the sophisticated button cufflinks to the glamour large heart pendants, the Vivienne Westwood accessories will lift an outfit to a higher level. Dahlia has always been fascinated by the evolution of fashion with its diverse forms, shapes, textures and colours. “The Anglomania Collection exudes all the elements I love about fashion and hope that Australian women ride that wave of excitement. At Corso Mio, we believe in the art of ‘slow shopping’ – taking the time to explore and be enveloped by the suite of fashion available. Fashion should not be rushed, but rather inhaled slowly.”

Check out Moss & Stone’s top picks from Corso Mio below! What’s your favourite item?


The Fashion Connector: Your gateway to up-and-coming designers


cat patterson

A place to buy luxury clothing, fine jewelry and designer handbags created by talented designers from around the world, the Fashion Connector was re-launched as an e-commerce site in June 2013.

As the name suggests, The Fashion Connector enables you to buy the very best jewelry, handbag, clothing and accessory products created by designers from around the world.  Each designer is hand-picked based on their unique fashion creations and the excellence of their work, in addition to their quality of  customer service.

The products you will find are distinctive, of the highest quality and in many cases made to order, thus providing a personal touch. The Fashion Connector does not stock any of the products featured on the website, rather each product is purchased securely via our website and is shipped directly from the individual designer’s headquarters.

The Fashion Connector also hosts a showcase gallery of work from emerging graduate designers, ranging from womenswear, footwear, jewelry and accessories.

Also home to the Forum Connector, this avenue provides users with the ability to interact  with one another and post fashion related questions. The forum provides an excellent opportunity for users to engage with each other, share ideas on fashion tips,  and obtain help in sourcing those hard-to-get fashion products.

Check out some of the hot new talent on show on the website:


Reese + Riley



Reese + Riley, LLC launched in 2012 and was immediately recognized as a fresh line of sophisticated, high-quality apparel for discerning fashion conscious consumers around the world.

Founded by sisters whose middle names are Reese + Riley, the new brand was created to capitalize on its owners’ unique talents and comprehensive experience in the industry.


The brand specializes in high-style fashion designed by up-and-coming new designers and manufactured in New York – creating a whole new fashion image to draw customers to their brand.


Each garment is crafted from premium materials, and reflect a couture mindset of current fashion trends while making their own fashion statement and expressing a distinct style apart from the average mainstream selections.


Reese + Riley offer elegant, timeless styles at more affordable contemporary ready-to-wear prices to meet this demand. The collections are incredibly versatile, flattering and high fashion with a feminine edge. They are relevant and reflect lifestyles of influenced fashion designs and choices that are gaining an ever-growing popularity – addressing the growing niche market for the fashion individualist.

roof_image The_Coat

Reese + Riley as seen on celebrities:

image002 4.24 Zimbio famefly5.20 zimbio3



GUEST POST: Kiwi designers


Sarah of The Lilly Mint Blog introduces us to her top New Zealand designers.

New Zealand fashion has come a long way in the last few years, and thanks to the internet and social media, Kiwi designers are now becoming even better known, not only in their own country, but throughout the world. Names like Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper and Kate Sylvester show at Fashion Weeks around the world, and are worn by many celebrities and fashionistas.

Some Kiwi designers and brands are less well known outside of New Zealand, however their collections are incredible. Today I’m going to share with you my top three New Zealand brands I love and my favourite pieces from their collections.

Ruby Boutique began in Auckland in 2002, and is now well known in New Zealand, and has recently started expanding into Australia and Hong Kong. Their collections are always fun, fashion-forward, and just a little bit quirky. The use of colour and printed fabrics is very prominent in their collections, and I am excited for their new spring collection as they have used some of my very favourite colours and prints.


The “Bird” baby doll dress

 image (1)

“Bird” shirt and “Marco” printed jeans

image (2)

“Jazz Night” printed chiffon dress


Storm has literally taken New Zealand by….. storm. Their moody colours and prints, and use of structured fabrics make the Storm collection incredibly edgy and on-trend.  I love how Storm embraces the use of dark colours yet balances these with soft chiffons and lace. They are truly a brand for the modern girl.

 image (3)

Vintage Boutique Tank + Black Dukes Coated Jean + Nick Von K Wooden Skull Necklace

image (4)

Oversized Top + Black Dukes Metallic Jean + Nick Von K Mammoth Necklace

image (5)

 PU Bust Dress + Nick Von K Wooden Skull Necklace

Tamsin Cooper is one of my favourite New Zealand designers. She is well known for her gorgeous embellished silk and velvet bags and purses. Recently she has paired up with the Royal New Zealand ballet, to create a magical collection of coats and bags, that encompass the elegance of the ballet. I was lucky enough to see this collection shown at the Dunedin iD fashion week, and it has become an absolute favourite of mine. Each piece is stitched and embellished by hand, and is truly a work of art.

 image (6)

Anniversary Short Duster Coat

image (7)

Anniversary Long Embroidered Coat

image (8)

Anniversary Velvet Clip Coin Purse

Ruby images from www.rubynz.comStorm images from Cooper images from

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 sarah lilly

Sarah is a 24 year old blogger from the South Island of  New Zealand. She is a lover of fashion and make up, as well as photography, art and travel, and decided to create The Lilly Mint Blog as an outlet for all of this. Some of her favourite things include Disney, road trips, taking silly pictures, music, fresh flowers,  the 1950′s, cups of tea, pretty dresses, Pinterest, pearls and pastels, baking yummy goodies, friends and family, and all things pretty… or pink. 

MIISTA: ‘Midnight Waters’ Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook




The inspiration of Miista’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Lookbook plunges into the depths of dark waters and resurfaces to a wintry landscape of melancholy beauty. Beams of moonlight bounce across the water as eyes adjust to the surrounding deep brilliance of colour. Steps here cause fleets of emerald beetles to flee, scampering atop the long forgotten vegetables of seasons past.

The pale Winter is upon us: translucent skin, drying flower petals, the soft light of magic hour, the inevitable darkness. A quiet wild garden where the world shifts from abundance to a time of silent death and decay. Flowers wilt, vegetables plump up with past ripe volume; as if underwater, this progression is infinitesimally slow and filled with rich blended colour.

This was the scene in mind during the creation of Miista’s newest collection: Midnight Waters. With the dark complex beauty of Nick Cave’s Where the Wild Roses Grow playing on loop in the background, images of abundant texture, complex composition and brilliance of colour lent from Pre-Raphaelite paintings fill one’s head But more than anything else, what lies just beneath the surface of those dark waters – a marriage of death and beauty, a place of reflection and mystery, there is no telling what waits there.


Miista began with the concept of the seasons; as Autumn turns to Winter and the changes that occur. What survives and what slowly fades away back into the earth; the feelings evoked from rotting fruit, dark hallways and black waters.

The collection seeks the beauty in this melancholy time: the rich bleeding colors, the faint light that washes through windows of Winter, the solitary beings that survive this environmental slaughter.

These ideas evolved into large detailed prints, rough constructions with shiny detail and a colour palette that is as brilliant as it is subdued.


Navy, black, oxblood, dark brown, bottle green and deep oranges populate the palette. The prints Miista created follow a similar suit with some rich purples woven into the colour-scape.

With great inspiration drawn from what happens to flora at this time of year, they used the classical technique of pressing flowers to develop our original prints. Silk, velvet and leathers are the building blocks which are then accented with subtle metal detailing and colour gradients.

Materials are both matte and metallic, even the lucite which Miista continued on from last season sees a new life in this collection presented as both rough and perfectly shiny.

Florentic technique is used to blend the colored leathers, and embroidery shows up throughout to soften some of the harder edges. Wet look leather, shimmer pearlescents and mood ring-like color swirls: all ideas born from under these dark waters.

The colors and textures often blend and bleed together, emulating the effect of decay. Silicone embossing techniques combined with the idea of Baroque era filigree create tactile intrigue.

Dark and sexy, the collection is of course highlighted with Miista’s design foundation of Measured Madness. Unexpected combinations are their specialty as they irreverently mix classic techniques and innovative new ideas.

With each season Miista looks to conquer more and more elaborate ideas and this collection represents a major step forward in the always evolving Miista aesthetic.


In the lookbook, models Max and Skye from Profile effortlessly brought Miista’s collection to life with their striking beauty.

Ornate and luxurious clothing carefully curated by Marie-Louise Von Haselberg compliments the shoes, especially the patterns which are given a new vitality in this dark and beautiful context.

Lara Jensen generously created these gorgeous real flower headpieces for the shoot, adding a extra bit of femininity to the bold looks. And as always, Philip Meech’s expert eye captured Miista’ shoes in their absolute best light.

Styles will be hitting stores at the end of August so stay tuned ladies, autumn is about to get serious!

KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr



“Remember: What you put on your skin – soaks in – use organic!” –  Miranda Kerr

KORA Organics began with Miranda Kerr’s desire to develop a range of products that bring together the very best in skincare ingredients – a range that could be designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin. This gave birth to the KORA Organics, a range which reflects exactly what she wanted for herself but was unable to find anywhere in the world, thus representing her healthy and balanced lifestyle, her beliefs and love of organics.

In Kerr’s words:

“I grew up in a small country town in rural Australia, with a family which embraces and understands the importance of living close to the land and in balance with nature.  For the last seven years I’ve lived in some of the busiest cities in the world and have managed to maintain my organic lifestyle by purchasing certified organic food, healthy cleaning products, growing my own herbs and by using the most natural and healthy skincare I could find.

In the past I could not find a certified organic skincare line that I was happy with so by the end of 2007 I decided to create my own: one that contained all of the ingredients I personally wanted in a skincare range and one that I knew would enable people to experience first-hand the many benefits of using certified organic, healthy, natural products.  I personally wanted the best for my skin and for my health and that is exactly what I have created.”

In KORA Organics products only the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients are used – their products have been specifically formulated to work in synergy with each other to maximize results.

Key ingredients

Noni, a fruit native to the South Pacific Islands. It is a powerful antioxidant and Miranda has been drinking it since the age of twelve. It’s one of Miranda’s ”not so secret” beauty secrets! It’s also a key ingredient in the KORA Organics range and it contains more than 170 Vitamins and Minerals alone.

Rosehip Oil, rich in Vitamin C, abundant in Essential Fatty Acids and is incredibly moisturising. It can also assist in reducing the appearance of sun damage and scarring and is a wonderful, nurturing product if you have sensitive skin

Roman Chamomile, a soothing and calming, and great for both for adults and children. Soothes skin irritation and is ideal when addressing reddened skin conditions.

Lavender, both a gently relaxing and comforting essential oil. It has cytophylactic properties that help rejuvenate and repair skin and soothe irritation and inflammation (cytophylactic – protects the cells).Aloe Vera, which contains Folic Acid, Vitamins A, C and E (natural antioxidants), and is deeply soothing, smoothing and moisturising for the skin.

But why is ‘organic’ important?

Kerr quotes an article posted on the Organic Fair Trade site:

“Did you know that the average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin by using her skin care products in one day? Did you know that 60% of these chemicals are further absorbed into your bloodstream? These are two of the main reasons that organic skincare is one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry today. The more we learn about the bitter side effects of unhealthy skincare, the more quickly we will seek out other options.”

But Kerr warns, as is with all lifestyle changes, care must be taken to ensure a smooth transition from one routine to the other. Her guidelines for making the switch from Non Organic to Certified Organic skincare are a good starting point:

– When you move from a non-organic range to a certified organic one your skin will need to assimilate and process any remaining chemicals remaining from your old skincare. Your body will naturally detoxify itself by getting rid of these toxins.

– It is recommended that you support your skin during this detoxification by ensuring you drink plenty of water and cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face regularly. Keep in mind it may take up to a month for your skin to fully detoxify from your old skincare

Your KORA Organics Skin Type


Do you know your KORA Organics skin type and which Three Step System is right for your skin? Skin types generally fall into one of three categories, so Kerr developed a tailored skin care system for each skin type. Click here for more details.

Images courtesy of KORA Organics

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GUEST POST: Bag of the Week – Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Tweed


Shaakira Nobles brings you the bag of the week and explains why you’ll want it too

This week there’s a new bag in town. The Proenza Schouler Medium Tweed is bag guaranteed to make you second guess how much you value your checking and savings account. Is it worth the splurge? Yes, because it’s important to treat your bags as an investment. This is going to be that bag you will have years from now and it’s still going to be great condition. What I like about the Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Tweed are the adjustable straps allowing you to wear it as a crossbody or as a handbag. If you need something that’s going hold all your makeup and other essentials in each compartment then I highly suggest this bag.
proenza (1)
proenza (2)
When you open the bag there are two compartments in the front, one in the middle and a compartment on the back of the bag. I think that’s all you need because you don’t want to overdue it and make the bag look super bulky. Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen, is a huge fan of the medium tweed and mentioned to me via Twitter that she ordered it in blue. I love the fact its tweed and not just the typical leather all over because sometimes you have change it. I know nothing about designing handbags but as a consumer creativity does go a long way.
Retailing for a whooping $1,525.00, the Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Tweed in blue, grey, and pink is currently sold out on the company website.
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Shaakira Nobles is a fashion blogger born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Always discovering the latest fashion trends hitting the scene, during her down time she mingles at various social networking events and meeting bloggers from around the world. Check our her blog Into the Row

MAN Spring Summer 2013 Collection


MAN 2013

This black and white series is a first look at MAN’s Spring Summer 2013 collection Equinox; focusing on the delicate details as Sheila Man introduces fine jewellery for the first time.

MAN’s signature geometric designs are apparent in hexagonal pedants while earrings, bangles and rings are subtly kinked with the ‘M’ initial. Horse charms on slender chokers and cuffs hint at the equestrian inspiration behind the wider collection.

MAN is defined by its distinctive design and unique use of elements; creating a modern union of simplicity and urban edge in its jewellery. Founded in 2011 by Sheila Man, the decision to establish her eponymous label follows time spent working with Bassike and Fernando Frisoni, and a drive to explore her innate creativity.

Born into a family of artisans in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sheila was surrounded by inspired influence from a young age – it was a natural progression to follow their path.

MAN’s aesthetic is underpinned by subtle cultural references from Sheila’s South American heritage, adding a depth of authenticity to the product offering. Hand-constructed and unisex in appeal, each piece blends organic and industrial elements into wearable, adaptable art.

The label’s signature adornment of industrial bolts and knotted rope impress a play on contradiction; walking the line between hard and soft. Spring/summer 2012/13 reveals an obvious evolution of MAN’s techniques extending the use of materials to include solid metals, resin, leather and wood for the first time.

The full collection drops in stores and online at from August 2013.

MAN 2013 2
Photographer: Andrew Fearman
Stylist: Chiara Bianchino
Hair + Makeup: Victoria Anderson
Model: Nicole Hofman @ Priscillas
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GUEST POST: Creating Contrast and the Importance of Menswear Button Selections for Suitings


Tim Beasley of Cashmere Markets gives sage advice on the relationship between suits and their buttons 
Typical scenario; you buy a full custom or made to measure suit. Your salesman flies you through your selections as fast as possible so he/she can get to the next roaming potential customer on the sales floor. It’s not an easy job in their defense. However, this can often leave out some of the most important details for your new garment when wearing weekly.
Button selection is one of the most important details for me when making my own garments or showings for clientele. So pay attention closely as you will see why a bad choice can leave you limited in wearability. 

Client’s Custom Sport Coat with a Beautiful Button Selection

What Buttons Do For You
When choosing buttons for your garment, you should focus on one important feature….CONTRAST!

Contrast will allow you the ability to wear the garment in many different ways and if done correctly can allow you to wear multiple accessories and clothing pairings with the garment. This process is huge when developing your own personal style.
As you can see to the left, this client chose a lighter blending contrast of light tan and dark brown which is more versatile than just going with a solid in dark brown or light tan.
With this selection, the client can wear not only any natural tone in paired shirts and trousers ( including olive with light or dark brown accessories ) but can also play off of the dark brown tones in the garment with added profound influence from the button selection. 

” Contrast will allow you the ability to wear the garment in many different ways and if done correctly can allow you to wear multiple accessories and clothing pairings with the garment. “Typical solid suits or jackets usually play a different card as solids button choices are more neutral. An example would be a typical black blazer with a black button. One fun trick for me is to change my buttons to totally change the whole look of the garment.

You need a tailor handy for this and don’t try this yourself. If you have a traditional blue blazer but you want to wear it for a summer gathering or event, try changing button contrast or colors to get a more summer look.

For instance, Blue Blazer with light blue and white mother-of-pearl buttons to be paired with white trousers/cotton jeans and light blue linen shirt with white pocket square.

You have now successfully changed a typical blue blazer into a summer influenced masterpiece.

“If you have a traditional blue blazer but you want to wear it for a summer gathering or event, try changing button contrast or colors to get a more summer look.”


Full Custom Pal Zileri Suit for Client

When buying a suit, that can’t be broken up into separates ( wearing a suit jacket as a sport coat ), it is often better choosing a more neutral button choice such as this neutral light blue mother-of-pearl. 
This suit is a dark navy undertone with lighter blue weaves and a white pinstripe with a faint red pin stripe in the middle. A very unique fabrics with incredible wearable functionality as a travel series fabric.
The neutral tones of the buttons allows the client to wear light blue with more influence and to be paired with a red tie-set and brown or black accessories. This is a show stopper fabric, so creating more influence with button contrast would take away from the fabric palate properties.

A More Formal Occasion 

Tone on Tone Navy Fabric with a taste of Luxury Formal Elegance, Silver button with navy contrast to be paired with with trousers for formal occasion

Downplay for Optimal Palate Versatility

Black Sport Coat, White and Kobalt Blue Plaid with neutral black button: Neutral Black doesn’t take away from the color palate yet could be changed to brighter blue to give the color more influence when pairing.

Contrasting for Wardrobe Preferences

Blue Wool, Silk & 5% Linen for Slugged Textured Look with black and white plaid pattern; The tan and black horned contrasting button was selected to meet the comfort of the Client’s conservative wardrobe (tan & black Trousers) . I was excited to even get him to step out of the box with patterns, now he’s getting more attention for his styling and loving the new frontier.

These are just some examples of clients of mine who have utililized button contrasting for functional wear and strong palate influence.

Remember that this choice is very important when making your garment and is not something to skip through with blinders on. You can always change the whole look of the garment in the details and the wrong choice may have you limited on ways to wear it.

You can always ask me at  for button selection advice on your next purchase.

Originally published on Cashmere Markets

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Tim Beasley is the mastermind behind Guy La Ferrera International Menswear ( a Luxury International Menswear Clothier based in Boca Raton, Florida. He is also the owner of which is a site dedicated to menswear, fashion news and wine.

GUEST POST: Statement earrings


Caroline Topperman of Style on the Side  talks all things pretty for your ears


In the past months, statement necklaces have been everywhere. From neon to spikes to beautiful flowers, you can’t browse the internet without seeing them. As much as I love jewelry of all kinds, I find that sometimes my attention turns to rings, sometimes to bracelets or necklaces but most recently earrings have garnered my full attention.


As the weather heats up and the sun’s rays beat on my skin I don’t really like having something around my neck. At times like this, I turn to statement earrings. I love that they can be worn with anything. Whether it’s a simple tank or a maxi dress, a statement earring always looks great with anything.

DSC_0326 (2)

I always feel so chic when I feel them dangling by the side of my face. I want to stand a little taller to show them off. In the summer when we’re all pulling our hair back, an elegant pair of earrings will accentuate a long neck and give us a lovely line.

DSC_0342 - Copy

I find that earrings never really go out of style. I’ve been collecting interesting ones for years and I find that they are always appropriate. My mother had a pair that just lightly brushed her shoulders. They were very dramatic and I remember being really impressed that she wore them. Somehow I never got that image out of my mind and now I try to recreate it in my own way, with my own style.

How do you feel about statement earrings? Do you wear them, we would love to know!

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Caroline is obsessively discovering the most beautiful bags, shoes, jewelry and makeup the world has to offer through a journey of striking textures, fabrics and colours via her blog Style on the Side

GUEST POST: Wardrobe staples


Kali Arnold of The Stylish MD shares her tips on wardrobe essentials.
There have been numerous stylists and fashionistas declaring what you need to build a wardrobe.  There are the usual basics…..
The Basics
But what can you do to make your wardrobe more versatile?  I tend to use unusual pieces to spice things up in my wardrobe.  Conversation pieces, if you will….
Conversation Pieces