GUEST POST: Making a bold statement this winter

Denise Metcalf talks about using your lips as a canvas for expression

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There’s something exciting about the shift into winter – there’s a chill in the air and a whole other wardrobe to discover.

For anyone who shares my love of layers winter dressing feels so much more sophisticated than the summer months, and if there is one thing that can add a touch of class to any outfit it has to be bold red lips.

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Red lips are often associated with old style Hollywood glamour, 1950’s pin up girls and a serious attitude.  Fast forward to today and this timeless look is still making a statement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pulling out all the stops for an elegant evening or heading out for a lunch date; red lipstick is an instant mood booster. With so many shades out there on the market there is no excuse to not own one.


It’s all about finding a shade to compliment your skin tone. Generally as a rule, cool blue shades of red work well for a pale skin tone whereas warmer skin tones suit a more orange-y red.

The key factor to remember is that the only thing you need to make your red lipstick truly work is confidence! So bite the bullet and try some out for size.

When it comes down to it don’t we all want to feel a bit glamorous stepping out the front door into the big wide world?  I know I do.

As for the shade of my lips? Today I’m keeping it young and fresh with a bright red gloss, perfect for a gloomy winter day.

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Images courtesy of Pinup Passion and  Harpers Bazaar

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Denise Metcalf is a 25 year old fashion student living in Perth, twitter addict and avid blog follower. Lover of tea, cats and of all things a little bit quirky. Follow her on twitter @Denise_Metcalf

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