The Fashion Connector: Your gateway to up-and-coming designers

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A place to buy luxury clothing, fine jewelry and designer handbags created by talented designers from around the world, the Fashion Connector was re-launched as an e-commerce site in June 2013.

As the name suggests, The Fashion Connector enables you to buy the very best jewelry, handbag, clothing and accessory products created by designers from around the world.  Each designer is hand-picked based on their unique fashion creations and the excellence of their work, in addition to their quality of  customer service.

The products you will find are distinctive, of the highest quality and in many cases made to order, thus providing a personal touch. The Fashion Connector does not stock any of the products featured on the website, rather each product is purchased securely via our website and is shipped directly from the individual designer’s headquarters.

The Fashion Connector also hosts a showcase gallery of work from emerging graduate designers, ranging from womenswear, footwear, jewelry and accessories.

Also home to the Forum Connector, this avenue provides users with the ability to interact  with one another and post fashion related questions. The forum provides an excellent opportunity for users to engage with each other, share ideas on fashion tips,  and obtain help in sourcing those hard-to-get fashion products.

Check out some of the hot new talent on show on the website:


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