Stop Katy Perry from using elephants as props

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The following is from the PETA Asia-Pacific Team’s Action Alert Newsletter.

We need your help to stop Katy Perry from using elephants as props! PETA US tried reaching out privately to Katy to ask her to change her ways – first after she rode an elephant into a gossip blogger’s birthday party, then again after her latest music video, “Roar”, featured an elephant, among other wild animals. Katy is standing behind the American Humane Association’s (AHA) certification that the elephant wasn’t beaten on the set, but she knows that the AHA doesn’t concern itself with how the wild animals are cruelly captured and trained.

Use your voice and help animals now by urging Katy Perry never to use elephants again.For animals used for entertainment, there is nothing glamorous about being in show business. They typically live chained or isolated in small, filthy cages and are deprived of physical and mental stimulation. Behind the scenes, trainers force them to perform under the constant threat of physical punishment.

Now, to make matters worse, fans are creating their own versions of “Roar” and even attempting to rent animals such as tigers for their own projects.

We were hopeful that Katy would follow the lead of Pink and other artists who have vowed to stop using animals in their videos after seeing how animals are forced to perform painful and unnatural tricks for “entertainment”.

Katy Perry needs to hear from her fans to see that performing with elephants is not acceptable and that doing so condones the abuse of these animals.

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  1. Noor Unnahar

    This is ridiculous ! She shouldn’t do it . I am with PETA.


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