Neon Blooms

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Introducing the first of my many purchases from the May warehouse sale – this amazing Sara Phillips dress. It must have been fate because it was the only one of it’s kind hanging on the rails and it was my perfect size! The girls at the counter said so many others had tried it on but it wouldn’t fit, so it was a miracle that someone’s leaving with it at all.

I have to say the first time I tried it myself I couldn’t get the zip up so I put it back. But wading through the rest of the sale dresses, my kept gazing longingly at it. The silk material, the bright neon roses, the cinched waist and poofy skirt – it was all so lovely. So I grabbed it a second time and tried it on once more, committing to getting the zip done up. And voila, I must have been really eager cause it worked!

I’ve teamed this dress with one of my handmade flower crowns (available in my etsy store). This one was inspired by Frida Kahlo and her iconic head dress style. This particular one has just been sold, but there will be plenty more coming in store very soon!

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  1. fabesfashion

    oh my gosh i love this dress, it is so beautfiul, you look amazing in it.
    I WANT IT!!!! :)


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