White flower green stone

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I am really loving playsuits at the moment, and this white floral mini from Shakuhachi fits the bill.

Being on the short side (5’2″ haha) mini versions of skirts, dresses and playsuits are usually my go-to because they make my legs look longer than they are and creates the illusion of length.

I’ve kept with the theme of minimal jewellery by sticking to one necklace – a raw green quartz pendant on a simple metal chain. Soft green and white work great together and I’m loving the power combo here with the mixture of textures – rough rock with soft lace-like floral.

Also wearing ‘Suzie’ platform sandals by Windsor Smith.

IMG_4759smallerIMG_4761IMG_4757 IMG_4748 IMG_4746 IMG_4744  IMG_4738  IMG_4771 IMG_4768IMG_4769

  1. Brittany

    pretty print, pretty hair, pretty you

  2. Nóirín Patricia

    Gorgeous Thara! You look beautiful X

  3. Marija

    That playsuit is gorgeous, the texture the style, and it look so good on you!
    Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo


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