Put an end to the cruelty of live export in Australia

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** Repost from the WSPA Australia e-Newsletter. Words by Margaret West, Director **

I wrote to you a few weeks ago about the worst live export shipping disaster in recent history. I hate to say that the situation isn’t getting any better. In the last few weeks, we have witnessed a live export ship break down off coast of WA and saw discussions starting about re-opening live export to Saudi Arabia, a country that has explicitly stated it will not comply with Australia’s animal welfare requirements.

It’s horrible to think what these poor animals go through. The cramped conditions, the sweltering temperatures, the noise, the rock and lurch of a ship and the unbearable humidity.

There are alternatives to this cruel trade.

WSPA has commissioned independent research* into the benefits of transitioning away from the cruelty of live export.

The report shows that a transition away from live export to a domestic chilled meat trade is good for farmers and the economy. Most importantly it means animals do not have to be subjected to weeks at sea in cramped, unhygienic and disease-ridden conditions, only for their lives to be ended inhumanely.

If you have already made a donation, thank you so much. If you have not, please make an urgent donation today, or join our Animal Rescue Team with a monthly donation of $30.

You can make a difference

  • Your gift can help create educational tools so you and other Australians are able to take effective action to help stop the cruelty.
  • Your gift can help us meet with members of parliament and key industry figures across Australia. It’s important we share the benefits of a domestic meat trade. It’s not just better for animals, it’s better for our farmers, our jobs, and our economy too.
  • More work is needed to help convince those in positions of power. You can help fund further research into the alternative to live export, so together we can end the suffering of animals.

Thank you for understanding how urgently you are needed, and for acting to protect animals worldwide.

*Research conducted by ACIL Tasman and Sapere Research. Full report can be downloaded at http://www.wspaliveexport.org.au/learn-about-live-export/live-export-research


Image source: ABC website

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