Aje. Agrees to Give Fur the Cold Shoulder

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Words by Jason Baker, Director of Campaigns, PETA Australia

Every fur coat, lining or piece of trim represents the suffering of dozens of animals, whether they have been caught in the wild and slaughtered or confined to farms. Furriers also often intentionally mislabel items, and fur in Australia can come from animals (including cats and dogs) who have been beaten, boiled, hung, electrocuted or skinned alive on Chinese fur farms.

Following an ongoing campaign by PETA Australia that included e-mails from activists, designer Aje. has confirmed that it is both fur- AND angora-free!

Aje.’s decision to join the long list of Australian designers who have pledged not to use fur is another great victory for animals who are tortured for their skin, and we are very pleased to hear that the label has taken this compassionate stance.

More information on animals used for fur is available on the PETA website.

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