Nicecream for breakfast

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What I had for breakfast today.

I don’t usually do food posts, but I thought I might give some insight into what I eat, especially for those of you who seem to think being a vegetarian or vegan means you only eat ‘plastic’.

Being a vegetarian has been the best life decision I’ve made, and rather than limit my diet it has opened so many more options. I’m slowly moving into veganism now, and I am loving it.

This morning I made banana icecream, layered with frozen berry nana icecream, topped with bananas, raspberries, blueberries, black berries, sunflower seeds, sour cherries from our backyard and finally some homemade dark chocolate bits made by yours truly.

Every bit of it was delicious and healthy ❤

Plain nana icecream layer:
1 frozen banana blended in the food processor (I followed the recipe by One Ingredient Chef)

Frozen berry nana icecream layer:
Same as above, but while it was blending I slowly added some frozen berries in

Raw vegan chocolate:
Whisked some raw cacao powder to some melted coconut oil (off the heat) and a few tablespoons of maple syrup. Then I poured it into a contained and let it set before placing in the fridge (I followed the recipe by Veggie Nook)

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  1. caroline

    Wow that looks absolutely delicious and beautiful!


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