GUEST POST: Wardrobe staples

Kali Arnold of The Stylish MD shares her tips on wardrobe essentials.
There have been numerous stylists and fashionistas declaring what you need to build a wardrobe.  There are the usual basics…..
The Basics
But what can you do to make your wardrobe more versatile?  I tend to use unusual pieces to spice things up in my wardrobe.  Conversation pieces, if you will….
Conversation Pieces
I also will buy some trendy items but I NEVER spend any significant money on a trend.  Look to stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and H&M for your affordable fad clothing.
The Trends
Lastly, are your investment pieces.  This is where saving money on trendy clothes can be helpful in saving your dollars for a quality handbag or coat that you can wear for years and years.
Investment Pieces
Thanks for reading! I hope this guide gives you the inspiration to create your timeless and versatile wardrobe.

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Kali Arnold is the genius behind The Stylish MD – a site that features daily looks, bargain shopping, and both trendsetting and classic style.

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3 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Wardrobe staples

  1. caroline says:

    Ooooh, great picks! I love that one pink bag, what a fabulous colour for summer!

  2. Purple Ivy says:

    Wjat fantastic picks. I want some of these sooo bad.


  3. Kali (@thestylishmd) says:

    Thank you for your kind comments!



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