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Caroline Topperman of Style on the Side  talks all things pretty for your ears


In the past months, statement necklaces have been everywhere. From neon to spikes to beautiful flowers, you can’t browse the internet without seeing them. As much as I love jewelry of all kinds, I find that sometimes my attention turns to rings, sometimes to bracelets or necklaces but most recently earrings have garnered my full attention.


As the weather heats up and the sun’s rays beat on my skin I don’t really like having something around my neck. At times like this, I turn to statement earrings. I love that they can be worn with anything. Whether it’s a simple tank or a maxi dress, a statement earring always looks great with anything.

DSC_0326 (2)

I always feel so chic when I feel them dangling by the side of my face. I want to stand a little taller to show them off. In the summer when we’re all pulling our hair back, an elegant pair of earrings will accentuate a long neck and give us a lovely line.

DSC_0342 - Copy

I find that earrings never really go out of style. I’ve been collecting interesting ones for years and I find that they are always appropriate. My mother had a pair that just lightly brushed her shoulders. They were very dramatic and I remember being really impressed that she wore them. Somehow I never got that image out of my mind and now I try to recreate it in my own way, with my own style.

How do you feel about statement earrings? Do you wear them, we would love to know!

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Caroline is obsessively discovering the most beautiful bags, shoes, jewelry and makeup the world has to offer through a journey of striking textures, fabrics and colours via her blog Style on the Side

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  2. toniegirl says:

    Love them and wearing them out to ‘spice’ up an outfit! Congrats on getting to guest blog!!!


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