Juliet’s Garden

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Three exciting things happened to me this week:

1. I received a surprise package from Love Mae congratulating me on being the winner of their giveaway! I can’t wait to get crafty with their gorgeous paper – my favourite is the ‘Succulents‘ design. It’s got the cutest little potted plants and leafy green patterns I’ve ever seen.

2. My package from FSHN BNKR finally arrived, which meant I had fun trying on my new goodies from Cameo, Keepsake and and Finders Keepers (outfit posts are in the making!)

3. I received confirmation on my request for a place in Contiki’s Coachella 2014 tour!! Looks like my year of travelling is going to be a good one next year :)

I am wearing: Dress from Surfstitch and handmade ‘Juliet’s Garden’ crown from my etsy store (It’s already been sold, sorry guys! I’m happy to take custom orders though).

Lots of love

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