Hello Zebra


My travel plans for next year continue.

Not only am I going to Indio, California for the Coachella festival, but I have also booked myself in for a Grand Southern Contiki tour.

For 26 days I’m going to see the sights of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York… phew!

I’ve only ever been to the US once, and that was at the LA airport in transit to Canada – this is a whole new adventure on it’s own, and I got to say I am both scared and excited all at the same time!

Today’s outfit consists of my favourite go-to duo – black and white!

Wearing ICE flare pleat skirt and ASOS crop top with harness mesh panel.






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  1. You’re glowing, your outfit is beautiful, & I love your blog layout ;)

    <3 Carsla
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