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How cute are these little things? I came across Vee.p when Vanessa, one of my Facebook friends posted a status asking people to like a page she made for her start-up soap business.

After reading the words ‘Vegan, handmade and handcut’ I was hooked – I had to try these out!

Bit of background info: Vee.p soaps are 100% cruelty free, palm oil free, and free from synthetic dyes, pigments or fragrances. Each bar of soap is unique in it’s special way, lovingly made via traditional cold process methods, and containing at least 50% olive oil.

I decided to buy three of the many adorably-named options (believe me, it was hard to pick!) and I have to say, I was certainly not disappointed!

Whatever Max

This dark, handsome stranger gave a refreshing zing to the bathing experience. The peppermint, rosemary & cedar wood in the soap was very uplifting, with the Australian black clay and desiccated coconut making for a great exfoliation session. All-in-all, a perfect starter for that morning shower when you need a energetic pick-me-up and smooth skin to boot.

Skinny Love

This definitely ticks the ‘indulgent beauty’ box, as far as soap goes. First off, this rose-hued bar smells like all kinds of awesome with lavender and grapefruit, as well as a hint of frankincense and myrrh. Fruity, floral, but down to earth. But not only does it leave you smelling amazing, it’s a blessing for your skin as well – Skinny Love also has Australian black and pastel pink clay which cleanses, conditions, hydrates and adds firmness to your skin. You’re left feeling fresh and tingly all over, with an all-over glow. I love how smooth my skin felt after just one use.

Relax Trevor

A great bar of soap to end the day with. The lavender really comes through, creating a relaxing atmosphere while the cedar wood keeps you grounded and the poppy seeds provide gentle exfoliation to the skin. Just what tired muscles (and a tired mind) need after a long day at work. I used it in the bath and let some of the dried lavender float in the water for an extra relaxing effect. Truly calming.

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