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Bee One of a Kind is a fairly new brand, but I love it because of the fact that it’s local, organic and I can trust that each product is made with love and care. I know this because one of my closest friends, Melissa, is the creator and owner and her passion for what she makes is so very genuine and contagious!

Though not exclusively vegan, the brand provides a vegan selection of products (from facial toners to bath soaks), and the products that do contain bee honey is sourced from an ethical and organic farm where the bees are not harmed or gassed.

During the festive period, I bought a lot of goodies from her as gifts for family members (and myself haha) and the comments I have received have been nothing but good. I tried both bath soaks and found them the perfect way to end a stressful day.

This is probably due to the power-trio of ingredients in the soaks – Epsom salts, organic Pink Himalayan rock salt, and bicarbonate soda. The Epsom helps to relax the nervous system, cure skin conditions, soothe back pain and aching limbs, ease muscle strain, heal wounds and cuts and draw toxins from the body, while the Pink Himalayan salt aids the body purification process (its high crystalline structure allows nutrients to be absorbed at a cellular level). Not to mention it has 84 essential trace minerals and its alkaline/acidic balance helps the body to harmonise and neutralise (a balance which is affected during high levels of stress). The bicarb soda gives the extra kick of neutralising acid and alkaline to regulate the skin’s pH levels, as well as gently exfoliating.

With this super-base of detoxing ingredients, the ‘Unwind’ soak also has organic sweet almond oil, organic rose petals, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender, sweet orange essential oil and cinnamon essential oil – a nourishing combination which created beautiful bath water to relax in, as well as smooth skin afterwards, and a relaxed and soothed mind after a very long day!

The ‘Detox’ soak also includes the salt and soda trio, along with organic sweet almond oil, Sencha green tea leaves, fennel seeds, thyme, lemon essential oil and geranium essential oil. Fennel seeds and thyme help to cleanse and get rid of any nasties in your body (fennel helps with stomach and PMS problems, whilst thyme aids respiratory problems including bronchitis, coughs, and chest congestion). The lemon and geranium give an uplifting scent, and is an overall mood lifter. The ‘Detox’ soak is definitely something I’d keep for those ‘icky’ days when I feel a cold coming on, or am just not feeling right.

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I gave these awesome coffee scrub shots as a gift to my sister, Naomi, and from the glowing skin she’s been sporting lately, I think it’s done a great a job. The coffee shots contain fair-trade organic coffee beans, raw sugar, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic peppermint leaves, cinnamon, cornflour, organic pink Himalayan salt, peppermint essential oil and rosewater – all-natural ingredients that provide lots of goodness to the skin.

Here is what Naomi had to say:
“Has a light, choc-peppermint aroma. It comes in a set of perfectly-sized portions that look like coffee shots, which is good so you don’t have to think about how much you need to use, just use one “shot” per session. It leaves skin literally feeling soft and velvety, even after drying skin with a towel. No need to moisturize! :D Softness lasts until next shower.”

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