Vegan Black Forest Cake



Hi guys!

I know it’s a bit late but here is my Vegan Black Forest Cake!

I used the recipe by Rawified, but substituted:

  • the honey for maple syrup
  • the cashew cream with whipped coconut cream

I made the whipped coconut cream by opening a can of light coconut milk and scooping the thick creamy bits out, whipping it with an electric cake mixer thing, and adding a bit of sugar as I whipped.

So freakin’ delicious!


Jane Iredale Blogger Event



I was invited to the gorgeous jane iredale makeup event on the evening of Tuesday 16 September.

I hadn’t heard much about the brand before, but upon some pre-event research, I found a gem in terms of the perfect cosmetic brand.

What ticked the boxes for me:

  • The brand is strongly against animal testing – it does not test its products on animals, none of their ingredients are separately tested on animals by the brand or third parties, and they do not sell their products in countries were animal testing is mandatory (e.g China)
  • The brand uses natural ingredients – they do not use synthetic preservatives, parabens or phenoxyethanols, and their mineral coverage products only use pure mineral pigment with no fillers such as talc

On the night, Russian pro makeup artist Julia Kur gave  a live makeup tutorial to demonstrate some of the latest products, and guests got to have a sneak peak look at the brand’s new product launches for 2014.

At the bottom of this blog post I’ve included three different step-by-step take-home tutorials featuring the City Nights collection that Julia provided to us on the night, so you can try them out at home! :)

IMG_109014 IMG_109317 IMG_109418 IMG_109820 IMG_110021 IMG_110223 IMG_110324 IMG_110525 IMG_110626 IMG_110927 IMG_111128 IMG_111734 IMG_111835 IMG_111936 IMG_112337 IMG_112438 IMG_113140 IMG_113341 IMG_113442

Step-by-step take-home tutorials:

IMG_0001 (2)


Mist (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Deluxe Shader brush
Crease brush
Port (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Bronze 24-Karat gold Dust
Angle Eyeliner brush
Brown jelly jar eyeliner
Smudge brush
PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner
Black Ice Longest lash mascara

Copper wind PurePressed Blush

Sienna Lip Pencil
Katerina Pure Moist Lipstick

IMG_0002 (2)


Mist (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Deluxe Shader brush
Silver 24-Karat Gold Dust
Angle Eyeliner Brush
Purple Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner
Pure Lash Lash Extender and Conditioner
Brown Black PureLash Lengthening Mascara
Bitty Brow Kit

Copper wind PurePressed Blush
White Fan Brush

Earth Red Lip Pencil
Katerina PureMoist Lipstick
Kir Royale PureGloss Lip Gloss



Mist (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Deluxe Shader Brush
Crease brush
Toast (PurePressed Eye Shadow Trio)
Angle Eyeliner brush
Green Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner
PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner
Black Ice Long Lash Mascara

Awake PurePressed Blush
White Fan Brush
Silver or Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust

Pink Smoothie PureGloss Lip Gloss


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to the event and received complementary items, but I am not being paid to write about the event or products – this was my own decision based on how I favour the products – I only write about brands and products that I personally like. None of the links are commission-based – I do not receive any benefit from you clicking on a link, or buying a product from the site. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

INTERVIEW: Greg Beazley from Surfers In A Dress



Wearing a dress in the name of charity is what Greg Beazley is all about.

Founded by Beazley in 2012,  Surfers In A Dress  is an event held on behalf the charity, One Girl and their Do It In A Dress initiative.

Every year on a Saturday or Sunday in October, local surfers gather at Bondi Beach with their frocks and go surfing to raise money and awareness to help girls in Sierra Leone, Africa gain access to education – a privilege few girls ever receive.

I sat down with this ‘heart of gold’ surfer to talk about how it all started.


Thara (T): What do you do outside the ‘Surfers in a dress’ campaign? Do you work with other charitable organisations?

Greg (G): I’m a marketing consultant, specialising in customer lifecycle management and marketing automation. I’ve been surfing since I was 16 and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect mix of exercise, fun, relaxation and mates. I don’t work with other charities (yet), but I am an avid supporter of They’re a microfinance charity that offer small scale loans to people in third world countries, so they can start or grow their business.

T: How did you come across One Girl?

G: My good friend, David Dixon is the co-founder of One Girl. It was through his personal experiences and stories from Sierra Leone that struck a chord in me and I’ve been supporting the charity since the beginning.


T: What was the response to your first campaign in 2012?

G: It was surprisingly good, considering I only had less than 3 weeks to organise it. About 45 people attended and we raised $5000.

T: What do you think made it so successful?

G: I think because I had a number of friends who joined the team and helped raise the money fairly quickly. That’s really the key. Creating a tribe of like-minded people to work towards a common goal. In terms of attendance, I luckily had a large group from Let’s Go Surfing school in Bondi come along and make the event an instant success.


T: Are you planning on making the event bigger and better in years to come? Will there be any surprises in store this year that weren’t included last year?

G: That’s the plan. My vision is to make it a Bondi community event, where several local businesses around the area are proud supporters of it and representatives of each business take part in the challenge of wearing a school dress and coming down to have some fun (whether they surf or not). In terms of surprises this year, I’m trying my best to get some celebrities involved and wearing a dress on the day.

T: Do you think you will make it a nationwide event that could occur at different beaches around Australia?

G: I’ve already had some interest from other ambassadors of One Girl in Wollongong and Adelaide who also want to hold a Surfers In A Dress event in their area. Who knows, maybe Surfers In A Dress will become a franchise event around the country or even the world. That would be awesome to see. I think if Surfers In A Dress continues to build momentum and more people get involved and get behind the cause of helping girls gain access to education in Sierra Leone, then really, the sky’s the limit.

Learn more about Surfers In A Dress in the photos and videos on their site, check out their blog and visit their Facebook page for the latest news.

Photo credits: Jaydon Cabe Photography

Vegan sausage rolls



Been addicted to these homemade vegan sausage rolls lately.

Sausage filling (thanks to Vegie Delights by Sanitarium) is rolled in puff pastry and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

You can add onion relish or flavouring of your choice along with the filling if you like (I can’t eat onion because of health issues).

The salad was just spinach, tomatoes, avacado and sunflower seeds with a dressing made of sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, lemon and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

smallerIMG_09247 smallerIMG_09258

Get in my belly



Another breakfast post for today!

Berry oatmeal made with frozen berries, almond milk and oats warmed on the stove. Once creamy and and pink, I poured it into a bowl and topped with kiwifruit, passionfruit pulp, frozen berries, raw vegan chocolate shavings, desiccated coconut and a sprinkle of coconut palm sugar.
smallerIMG_09215smallerIMG_09204 smallerIMG_09193